#Kolkata: Regardless of 358, the central government should issue at least section 355 in the state State BJP leaders have repeatedly voiced their demands, citing post-poll violence They have even held talks at the Rashtrapati Bhavan starting from the Union Home Ministry Standing in Parliament, BJP state president Sukant Majumder himself demanded central intervention in the state.

But Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself came to the state and poured water on the hopes of the BJP leaders in Bengal. In the midst of a busy schedule, Shah held a meeting with the leaders of the Bengal BJP in Kolkata for 20 minutes. There, he thwarted the demand to implement section 355 or 356 in the state On the contrary, the Union Home Minister has given the same example of the way Mamata Banerjee came to power by ending terrorism and fighting terrorism.

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According to sources, Shah has admitted that the ruling Trinamool Congress is attacking BJP workers across the state. But on that pretext, the central government will not dissolve the democratically elected government in the state, he told state leaders. It is learned that Amit Shah has made it clear to the state leaders that the government which was formed only a year ago with huge public opinion cannot be thrown away in this way. Shah also explained to the state leaders that the BJP does not believe in seizing power in this way

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Instead, Amit Shah has advised state leaders that the BJP will seize power in the state, but only in a democratic way. The Union Home Minister has told the state leaders to try to figure out how to corner the grassroots politically. The assurance that the central leaders are by their side in that fight is also matched by Shah

At the same time, however, on this day, Shah তি slammed the state leaders of the party with the example of Mamata Banerjee “Even Mamata Banerjee has dealt with the terrorism of the left almost alone,” he said. Mamata was alone, so why can’t we? ‘ However, Amit Shah also alleged that Mamata Banerjee had come to power in the face of terrorism and now she has resorted to that terror. Amit Shah also warned that if the BJP comes to power in the state in the future, this change will not be seen among them.

Doubts remain as to how much the state BJP leaders were inspired by the party’s top leader’s advice. Because even before the assembly elections, they have been vocal in their allegations of violence against the ruling party 8 cases have been filed one after another in the court But the BJP leaders’ allegations or the benefits of the legal race did not match the ballot box It remains to be seen how much the party’s state leaders will like Amit Shah’s advice to fight the Trinamool.

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