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#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality Vote (KMC Elections 2021) next Sunday. Candidates are trying to reach door to door from morning to night in the last few days of the campaign. Kajari Banerjee Campaign is no exception. The sister of the Chief Minister has become a candidate. In the Chief Minister’s ward (Mamata Banerjee) she will contest on behalf of the Trinamool Congress.

Those who are constantly inquiring about politics say that the Chief Minister will meet Qazi Bandopadhyay who is going to be the one who will win the election. Just as you will get both suggestions and good wishes for a good work, he will eat the most nonsense if there is any mistake in the work. And this position is also discussed among the rest of the candidates or party workers.

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Qazi Bandopadhyay, however, emphasized on campaigning towards door to door. From Patua Para alley to Tasya alley or Hazra, flat house in Kalighat. Qazi Bandopadhyay is spreading propaganda everywhere. The party workers say that ‘Baudi’ is going to everyone in the campaign in ‘Didi’s’ ward.

That’s how he is a familiar face. This ward has been occupied by the grassroots for a long time. However, he wants to build this ward as a model ward. Qazi Bandopadhyay said, “I went out in the campaign with Didi’s suggestion. Didi said to reach out to everyone. To go from house to house and talk to people. To know what they want and what they are thinking. We will make this ward a model ward in Kolkata tomorrow.”

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Already this ward has been visited, the name of the grassroots candidate on the wall. Banner-cut out posters in support of Qazi Bandopadhyay across the street. Ratan Malakar was the councilor of ward 63. The party did not nominate him this time. He went to the polls as an independent but later withdrew his nomination. However, locals said that the candidates of other opposition parties were not seen in the campaign in that sense.

The gap between the results of the 2021 Assembly polls in this ward has widened in the by-elections to the Bhabanipur Assembly. As a result, the grassroots are not worried about victory. However, the candidates are not willing to keep an inch deficit in the campaign. He says to himself, “My blessed sister is guiding me. And I will do better by playing gossip.” In the eye-catching ward, therefore, Qazi Bandopadhyay is in the spotlight.

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