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What is being mixed in the sauce in the factory! News18 Bangla – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Eating Chinese on the sidewalk or in a restaurant? Do not freeze without sauce with food. Such as soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, etc. all. Eat quite chetepute. You know what What you eat can cause you to die! Upon finding the whereabouts of such an adulterated sauce factory, the enforcement branch of Kolkata police arrested the manager directly. Realizing the opportunity, the owner of the sauce factory fled. When EB officers arrested the factory manager Amal Kumar Ghosh and took him to Alipore court on Friday, the court remanded him in police custody till June 15.

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Enforcement agents raided the Pauchang Brothers Pvt Ltd factory on Palin Khatik Road in Tangier. The factory was running with very good quality machinery. Each sauce was mixed with a small amount of pulp and mixed with low quality vegetables. In addition, the color mix used in the factory with the sauce. Which is terribly harmful. Large quantities of sauces are made in this way from this factory and spread to different parts of the city every day. Police recovered at least a ton of adulterated sauce in large plastic jars.

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Confiscated several thousand bottles filled with sauce. Detectives initially collected samples from the factory on February 19. The sauce is then sent to a laboratory for quality testing. The police received a report on June 8 that the sauce was harmful to human health. After that, the police raided the factory and recovered a large quantity of adulterated fertilizer. Detectives found out that industrial dyes were used or low quality vegetables were used here. They can cause harmful fungal infections in the human body. Not only this factory but there is another type of sauce factory hidden in different corners of the city. The Enforcement Branch is keeping an eye on them.


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