#Kolkata: A Bangladeshi man caught by customs trying to smuggle gold in a fancy way in Kolkata airport area. The customs office alleged that he was smuggling gold paste between two layers inside his shirt and pants. According to the customs department, the accused was coming to Kolkata airport from Dubai via Delhi and Kolkata. That’s when the customs officials became suspicious. The weight of the person’s shirt and pants is heavy when they search. That’s when the customs office started checking the clothes and pants.

According to customs sources, it is seen that there is gold paste between the two layers of clothes and pants. Gold paste covers a wide area between a blue shirt and gray pants. 848 grams of 24 carat gold was recovered by the customs officials. Its market value is 32 lakh 31 thousand 522 rupees.

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One gold recovery after another is happening in the city. Sometimes Baubazar, sometimes Howrah Bridge, sometimes Airport. The customs department claims that the gold smugglers are acting like a chain. This gold was brought from abroad for the purpose of smuggling. However, it is noteworthy that the smuggler was smuggling gold paste between the two layers of shirt and pants. So that no one doubts so this fancy wheel.

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Usually, if it is hidden inside the body, it is likely to be caught by the scanner. Even if you hide it in a bag or shirt pocket or in a trolley, there is a chance of getting caught. That is why the traffickers resort to this fancy method. It is difficult to catch a snatcher if he melts the gold in two layers of shirt or pants and sticks it inside the layer and smuggles it. But the detectives at the customs office’s airport in Dundee became suspicious of the accused’s behavior. That’s when the search revealed that the shirts and pants are very heavy.


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