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Kolkata: The next few months are going to be very important in national politics. Especially in the new year there are multiple state elections. Which includes Goa. Where the Trinamool Congress has already started campaigning. A meeting of the Trinamool’s top organizational level working committee is to be held today (Monday) to decide the position of the Trinamool Congress in the national politics (TMC’s national brand building).

The meeting will be held at the house of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee. Only 21 members of the working committee have been asked to be present at the meeting. On the other hand, the winter session of the parliament started. The role of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs in that session will also be decided from today’s meeting.

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Already, several important leaders at the all-India level have started joining the grassroots. There are Luisinho Fellario, Ashok Tanwar, Rajeshpati and Loliteshpati, Kirti Azad, Pawan Burma and many more. Former Meghalaya Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition Mukul Sangma also joined last week. In this situation, to give the party an all-India look, the position of the grassroots is going to be decided in the coming days, so it can be decided today, the source said.

One of the top leaders of the Trinamool Congress said that all the leaders of the party would talk and coordinate from this meeting. Abhishek Banerjee is taking several steps to build an organization in the Vine State after taking over as the Trinamool All India General Secretary. The Trinamool has already contested the Tripura polls. The Trinamool is going to fight in Goa in the coming days.

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Sukhendu Shekhar Roy has been given special responsibility for Haryana. Opposition in Meghalaya is going to get the status. In this situation, before 2024, the Trinamool wants to make its mark all over the country. So in the coming days, on the one hand, the price increase, on the other hand, how to continue the propaganda on issues like Pegasus. Today’s meeting is about the issues that the grassroots will reach out to the people in opposition to the BJP. According to sources, several newly joined leaders can be invited as members of the party’s working committee.

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