#Kolkata: Seats may not match 6 But the Trinamool Congress (TMC) is not giving up on Goa election results right now. On the contrary, Ghasful Shibir sees the 6 per cent turnout in Goa in just three months as positive. Returning from Goa on Thursday night after the results were announced, Abhishek Banerjee said that the Trinamool would be biting the ground in Goa for the next five years.

In Goa, Trinamool won the election by forming an alliance with MGP Although the Trinamool did not win any seat, its ally MGP won two seats However, after the results of the vote were announced, the MGP8 supported the BJP

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Abhishek 7 was in Goa even before the results were announced Returning to Kolkata on Thursday night, he said, “Maybe in just three months we have not been able to reach all the people of Goa.” But for the next five years, we will be biting the soil of Goa We will keep the promise we made before the election I have spoken to each of those who voted for us They will work for the people of Goa. “

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The Trinamool All India General Secretary claimed that the Trinamool had lost by a margin of 1000-1200 votes in several centers. Abhishek also said that Trinamool got 30 percent votes in some centers “In just three months, no political party, including the BJP, has won 30 per cent of the votes in any of the states and 6 per cent overall,” he said. The Trinamool Congress has done just that.

Originally led by Abhishek, Trinamool contested in Goa This was his first big test as the All India General Secretary No matter what the opposition, including the BJP, says, the Trinamool camp views the Goa result as positive.

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