Kolkata: Number of votes in Bhabanipur. Tough numbers. Trinamool has always said, vote more. Only then a record margin is possible for Mamata Banerjee to win. The BJP is calculating that if the votes increase, the margin will decrease in Bhabanipur (Bhabanipur Bypoll).

The Trinamool candidate has set the tone. Similarly, on the day of the election on Thursday, the Trinamool leaders tweeted requesting the voters of Bhabanipur to go to the booth. The BJP also lodged a complaint against it in the commission. Till 5 pm yesterday, 53.32 per cent votes were cast in Bhabanipur Voting lasted until 6:30 pm So the final thing to know was 7 Finally, today, Friday morning, the calculation was known In Bhabanipur, the turnout was 56.36 per cent (turnout till 6.30 pm). (Bhabanipur Bypoll Final Vote Percentage)

It was estimated yesterday that the turnout could be close to 80 percent In fact, that is exactly what happened

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The turnout in Bhabanipur was low since Thursday morning. As the day progressed, so did the turnout. In this context, Shobhandev Chattopadhyay said, ‘There were less votes in Bhabanipur in the morning. The vote will increase later. “

Mamata Banerjee casts her ballot at the Mitra Institution School booth in Bhabanipur on Thursday. Mamata Banerjee casts her ballot at the Mitra Institution School booth in Bhabanipur on Thursday.

According to some observers, the Trinamool’s target is more voting in Bhabanipur Because the Trinamool thinks that more votes means Mamata has won by a record margin But the BJP is saying the opposite. In their eyes, more votes in Bhabanipur means less margin of victory for the Trinamool. BJP has provided information in support of this

The turnout in the 2011 by-elections was only 44.63%.
Trinamool’s victory margin is 54,213

Turnout in 2021 is 71.89%
The turnout increased. The winning margin is lotus
The gap has been reduced to 26,619

Voter turnout in 2016 is higher than in 2011 and 2021, 8.63%

The winning margin is the shortest of three times in sixteen. 25 thousand 301

According to some observers, the BJP wants to get more votes in Bhabanipur, keeping this figure in mind. If so, the gap is likely to narrow. And if the victory margin of the grassroots is reduced, they will be able to use it as a weapon in propaganda.

Photo: News18 Photo: News18

The turnout in Bhabanipur was 53.32 percent till 5 pm on Thursday. This is a by-election. Accompanied by rain. The turnout in Bhabanipur was very low since morning. As the day progresses, however, the turnout increases slightly. Till 5 pm, the turnout was 6.80 per cent in Samsherganj and 8.12 per cent in Jangipur. The final count of votes was finally announced today, Friday 6

Reporter- Somraj Banerjee

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