#Kolkata: The victory of women lawyers in the battle of Chhota Lalbari of the High Court (Calcutta High Court). Despite mixed results, women lawyers won 6% of the seats. Congress, BJP and Trinamool Congress (TMC) -backed lawyers have shared the responsibility with the High Court lawyers. Judging by the numbers, the Trinamool Congress candidates have made a good impression this time. Eleven of the important 15 posts have been occupied by the lawyers of the Trinamool Congress panel.

Arunav Ghosh of the Congress has won the post of President of Dignity. Kallol Mandal of the BJP panel has won the post of vice-president. Perth Ghosh, the editorial candidate of the BJP panel, got 928 votes. The winning Trinamool Biswabrata got 98 votes. There was a fierce battle for the post of president and vice-president. Arunav Ghosh of the Congress got 1150 votes for the post of President. Trinamool Congress leader Amjad Ali 1056. BJP Prameet Roy 1032.

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Joyparajay lost the post of vice-president by 16 votes. BJP’s Kallol Mandal got 1272 votes and Trinamool’s Supriya Chattopadhyay got 1254 votes. Sonal Sinha of the Trinamool Congress panel has won the post of co-editor by a wide margin. Sonal received 1430 votes. Trinamool’s Wasim Ahmed also won the second post of co-editor. Trinamool’s Joydeep Banerjee has become the treasurer.

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List of winners in the lawyers’ vote at a glance.

President – Arunav Ghosh, Congress and Left supported candidates.
Vice President – Kallol Mandal, BJP backed candidate.
Editor- Biswabrata Basu Mallick, Trinamool Congress backed candidate.
1) Co-Secretary – Sonal Sinha, Trinamool Congress backed candidate.
2) Co-Secretary – Wasim Ahmed, Trinamool Congress backed candidate.
Treasurer – Joydeep Banerjee, Trinamool Congress backed candidate.

Trinamool Congress-backed candidates with nine executive members and seven seats. BJP-backed candidates who won two seats. The nine executive members who won the election are Sangeeta Roy, Kakli Naskar, Sumon Saha, Deblina Sahu, Anindita Banerjee, Porna Roychowdhury, Sutapa Banerjee (Dasgupta), Amrita Pandey, Mary Dutt. Sangeeta Roy got 183 votes. Out of the 15-member committee, only 10 are women. 8% winning candidates are women lawyers.


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