#Kolkata: The heat wave situation is going on almost all over South Bengal Many people are getting sick on the streets In this situation, the State Disaster Management Department has warned every district Leaflets have also been printed by the state government outlining what to do and what not to do to avoid the heatwave. The leaflets are being sent to different districts to be distributed among the common people Besides, even if you have suffered a heat stroke, what to do, it has been informed in the leaflet

Let’s take a look at what the state government has suggested to avoid heatstroke-

What to do in case of heat flux:

  • Even if you do not feel thirsty, you should drink water at certain times Always keep with drinking water
  • When you go out during the day, wear light colored, loose clothes
  • Hats or clothes, head should be covered with a towel Keep an umbrella with you, go out only after wearing shoes or slippers
  • There are light and watery parts like watermelon, cucumber and other fruits should be eaten more
  • Drink home-made lebuzal drink 6
  • Keep pets in the shade, feed them adequate amount of water
  • Keep an eye out for local weather messages
  • If you are sick, consult a doctor or health worker immediately

What not to do:

  • Try not to get out as much sunlight as possible
  • It is very hard work, it is better not to do such work during the day
  • Do not keep children and pets in the standing car
  • Don’t eat too much protein or spicy food

What to do if you have a heatstroke?

  • Immediately take the victim indoors or in a cool place with shade
  • Wipe the whole body with a wet cloth
  • Keep eating salt water, salt-sugar water, ORS But complete
  • After regaining consciousness, food or water can be given to the victim
  • If the condition does not improve, the victim should be taken to the nearest health center

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