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When did rowing start in the city? There is no risk in learning from the accident at Rabindra Sarovar, the administration has a tough attitude


#Kolkata: Rowing has been completely closed in the city for several days in a row. When will rowing start again? Doubt has begun with the answer to this question. So far, the clubs have not been able to decide on the type of rescue boat. The administration has made it clear that it is mandatory to have a rescue boat during the rescue. The police and the administration have informed the officials of the three rowing clubs in the city. Failure to comply with the guidelines is not permitted. The guidelines, or SOPs, jointly developed by the KMDA and the police, were delivered to three rowing clubs in the city last week by the administration. We have to follow that guideline from now on. The role of clubs will be scrutinized from time to time to see if the guidelines are being followed at all.

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The club officials commented that the meeting held with the police, KMDA and club officials in Lalbazar last week was very positive. Chandan Roy Chowdhury, secretary of the Calcutta Rowing Club, said such an event had never happened before in its 92-year history. We were careful. All the guidelines of the administration will be followed in the future as well. Besides, motorized rescue boats are used only for emergency services. So those who are talking about pollution from petrol-powered rescue boats at Rabindra Sarobar are not right. We will abide by the final guidelines given by the administration in this regard.

Meanwhile, the rescue boat makers of the city are also holding discussions with the club authorities. Manoj Shah and Rohit Shah, two directors of one such boat manufacturer, told this correspondent, We will supply it as per the demand of the clubs. Students have already been sensitized through a special safety camp on behalf of the Calcutta Rowing Club. The administration, starting from the club, does not want to take any more risks while learning from the recent rowing accident. The administration is reluctant to compromise on either the security system and the eco-friendly rescue boat.

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