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When the alliance is broken, the opposition is left – Congress, whose profit, whose loss? Start Practice – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Alimuddin – The Vidhan Bhavan moved away from each other again.

Yesterday, the Left declared candidates for 114 seats, leaving a total of 18 seats for the Congress. Today, the provincial Congress announced candidates for 6 seats. The provincial congress has said it will announce candidates for 70 more seats tomorrow. In other words, the Provincial Congress is going to field party candidates in 127 seats as compared to the Left’s 126 seats. It is clear from this figure that the Left and the Congress are going to be rivals in most of the seats in the Calcutta polls. Its authenticity has been acknowledged on both sides.

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However, the Left and the Congress have pledged not to fight against each other in some seats (the Left has 16 seats and the Congress has 16 seats). But, apart from that courtesy, looking at the seats declared by both of them, it is clear that just as the Congress has fielded candidates in the seats won by the Left, the Left has also fielded candidates unilaterally in the seats won by the Congress.

After breaking the alliance as usual, pressure has started between the two parties over his responsibility.

Yesterday, for example, the Left blamed the provincial Congress leadership for not forming an alliance by publishing the list of candidates. The Left has complained against the Congress, saying why it had held talks with the Congress six months ago. However, after explaining to them why it is not possible for the Congress to give up 49 seats, the Congress has shown a firm attitude. Leftists claim that they were forced to announce the list of candidates.

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Again, today the provincial Congress leadership has similarly targeted the Left Congress leader Nepal Mahato alleged, “The alliance was ruined when the Left unilaterally published the list without replying to our letter.”

It was clear yesterday that the alliance had collapsed. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, president of the provincial Congress, reacted to the unilateral release of the list of candidates by the Left, saying, “Congress will not do politics at the mercy of anyone. The CPM is a separate party, they can make decisions just like them. However, the alliance is not the sole responsibility of the Congress. Although the BJP, the main opposition party, has apparently downplayed the break-up of the Left-Congress alliance, a state leader said the issue was being taken seriously within the party. According to political circles, in the last assembly elections, the Left-Congress alliance was formed but no one was able to take advantage of it.

By forming an alliance, the Left-Congress was on the path of fierce opposition to Mamata Banerjee. In fact, they put the Trinamool-BJP in the same line But those who voted against the ruling party, the hard-line left-Congress or a large section of supporters, relied on the BJP. As a result, the BJP got the benefit of the Left-Congress alliance. It is also clear from the internal analysis of the party that the BJP did not get 6 seats from the main opposition party. However, political analysts say that this time the grassroots fight with the BJP will be more difficult if the Left and the Congress fight separately and retain their votes.

According to observers, the Trinamool could benefit from not having a Left-Congress alliance. As a result, many accounts of future state politics will be tangled up in the acid test of the Kolkata polls.

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