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#Kolkata: Local trains service is going to be regulated again from tomorrow However, this announcement of the state government has created some confusion and confusion in the minds of the passengers According to the Chief Secretary of the state, all local trains will be closed after 7 pm (West Bengal New Covid 19 Guidelines).

The question in the minds of many passengers is, will the local trains leave from stations like Sealdah, Howrah till 7 pm? According to the notification issued by the state government, it is initially thought that all the local trains will reach their destination by 7 pm. According to the railways, the new rules for running local trains will be decided tomorrow. This is because most trains take three to four hours to reach their destination from Sealdah, Howrah, except at 7 pm.

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Besides, Gangasagar Mela is scheduled to start from January 8 A large part of the people depend on local trains to travel to Gangasagar Mela When asked about this, the Chief Secretary said that the decision will be taken after discussing with the Railways

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There are also doubts about the compliance of the order to run a train with 50 per cent passengers. Because the same order was issued during the second wave of Corona Staff Special Train 8 was run But in no case was it possible to obey the rule of fifty percent Because during the busy time, the overflowing crowd of passengers is seen in many trains

However, the Chief Secretary said that in the case of Metro Rail, the rule of carrying 50 per cent passengers has to be followed. However, Metro Rail will provide service as per normal time

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