Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Where is the driver? Noise on the Kolkata Metro Rail. The number of metros will increase as soon as Sealdah station is opened. The East-West Metro will also run on Saturdays and Sundays. But where is the driver of the metro? 6 shunting motormen were given promotions. Drivers have been sought from Eastern and South-Eastern Railways. That will solve the problem? Thinking officers.

Metro service to Sealdah on East-West Metro is expected to start soon. But questions are being raised within the metro rail about whether that service can be started properly. Sources said that Metro Rail does not have the required number of drivers to provide additional services. There are 21 drivers in the train that runs from Phulbagan to Sector Five in the metro. Now only the driver himself runs the train on his own responsibility. There are no guards in the back room.

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With the introduction of Metro to Sealdah, as the number of passengers will increase, more trains will have to run on this route. The metro will run on Saturday and Sunday. If trains were to run every 10 minutes on this route, it would take at least three times as many people to run a train now. But now it is doubtful whether that amount of motormen will be available. Now there are supposed to be 26 motormen in North-South and East-West Metro. But Metro has 210 people. Of these, 3 are retiring this month. As a result, motorman 6 has started to decrease Of those who do shunting work, 6 are being promoted

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Metro Rail Union leader Dilip Dey said the recruitment of motormen through the Railway Recruitment Board has been stopped since 2012. Many of those who are now are retiring. With so many retiring, the pressure is mounting on those who are now. According to railway sources, earlier, an agreement was reached between Eastern Railway, South Eastern Railway and Metro Rail to provide drivers for Metro from the other two trains. But the arrival of motormen from the South-Eastern Railway has been stopped for a long time. On the other hand, there is no driver from Eastern Railway.

Metrorail does not have a permanent general manager at the moment The General Manager of Eastern Railway has additional responsibilities. Therefore, Metro thinks that Eastern Railway will provide confidence to Metro Rail. However, they will have to take three more months of training before running the metro rail. All in all, the Kolkata Metro is very thoughtful. However, there is no reason to worry, says Pratyush Ghosh, Deputy General Manager of Metro Rail. “It’s enough to have a motorman,” he said. The motorman will leave in time. There will be no shortage of services. “

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