#Kolkata: The Trinamool and BJP camps (Bhabanipur By Election Polling Percentage) are working on the voter turnout in Bhabanipur. Priyanka Tibrewal will win against Mamata Banerjee in Bhabanipur. No one has made such a demand on behalf of the BJP except for one or two like Arjun Singh. Because the first goal of the BJP camp is to reduce the victory margin of the Chief Minister in Bhabanipur as much as possible. Again, the goal of the grassroots is just the opposite Not only the victory of the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee), the goal of the ruling party is to keep the margin of victory as high as possible.

According to the Election Commission, the turnout in Bhabanipur was just over 58 per cent (Bhabanipur Polling Percentage) on Thursday. In the Assembly elections a few months ago, the rate was just above 61 percent In Bhabanipur, Shobhandev Chattopadhyay won by more than 26,000 votes

Analyzing the results of the last few elections, the BJP camp explained that if the turnout in Bhabanipur increased, the margin of victory of the Trinamool would decrease. In the 2011 by-elections, the turnout in Bhabanipur was 44 per cent, while Mamata Banerjee’s victory margin was more than 54,000. Again, in the 2016 Assembly elections, when the turnout was 6 percent, the gap narrowed to just over 25,000. If more than 60 percent of the votes are cast, the victory margin of the Trinamool is between 25,000 and 30,000

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Given these past figures, the BJP’s tally suggests that the margin of victory for the Chief Minister in Bhabanipur may be less than the Trinamool’s margin of victory in the forthcoming Assembly polls. And only then will the BJP be able to demand a moral victory against the Chief Minister

Another BJP figure centered on the vote bank in different wards of Bhabanipur According to the BJP’s own analysis, Ward No. 8 is the main grassroots force in Bhabanipur. Trinamool’s Shobhandev Chatterjee also got a lead of more than 21,000 votes from that one ward in the 2021 assembly polls. On the other hand, the BJP got comparatively 63, 60, 61 and 64 wards. After Thursday’s vote, the BJP camp claimed that all four wards had good votes As a result, even if the Trinamool gets a lead by a large margin from Ward No. 8, that deficit can be filled to some extent. Even then, the total victory margin of the grassroots will be reduced

On the other hand, the Trinamool was also active in Bhabanipur from the very beginning to increase the turnout They again argued that the opposition would benefit if the turnout was lower Top Trinamool leaders also tweeted on Thursday urging them to vote The BJP has also lodged a complaint with the Election Commission Although the turnout was low in the morning, the grassroots camp was apparently relieved by the increase in turnout in the afternoon.

According to political analysts, the BJP is trying to reduce the margin of victory of the Chief Minister by relying on its own vote bank in Bhabanipur after analyzing the results of the Assembly elections. But this time the calculation may not match 6 Because no matter what the BJP says, there is no possibility of a change of government in the by-elections In that case, a large chunk of the vote from the BJP’s vote bank is likely to go to the chief minister. At the end of the day, the Election Commission estimates that the turnout in Bhabanipur did not exceed 80 per cent. As a result, it remains to be seen whose account will be matched in the end

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