#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken out in the Assembly over the Panihati Murder Case and the killing of two councilors in Jhalda. Standing next to the police, the Chief Minister countered that the opposition was silent on the murder of Trinamool councilor Anupam Dutt in Panihati. Claiming that the law and order situation in the state was good enough, the chief minister said, “I don’t think the state has to be sold because of two incidents. It has to be handed over to criminals.”

On the same day, the Chief Minister responded to the Governor’s remarks in the budget session of the Legislative Assembly. However, the BJP MLAs walked out during the Chief Minister’s speech Mamata Banerjee also mocked the opposition

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A few days ago, two councilors were killed in a span of 24 hours in the state Among them are Panihati Trinamool councilor Anupam Dutta and Purulia Jhaldar Congress councilor Tapan Kandu. In both cases, there is the full support of the opposition

On this day, the Chief Minister countered in the assembly, ‘Your son is a boy and our unique boy is not? If you kill Anupam, then no sound will come out of your throat. Jhalda has been arrested in the case. I don’t want a death. ‘ At the same time, the Chief Minister again demanded that the culprits in the mysterious death of Anis Khan should also be punished. The Chief Minister said, ‘Police will be rough and tough on one hand and humane on the other. If you are involved in illegal activities, you have to take action.

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On this day, the Chief Minister fired a cannon at the BJP over the Panihati incident “Six police stations have been set up at the Barrackpore police commissionerate to nab BJP goons,” he said. Who killed Noapara, Panihati? ‘ Standing next to the police, the Chief Minister said, ‘It is not enough to just abuse the police. Not everyone can be blamed for the mistakes of one or two people. Scotland Yard can be compared to the Bengal Police.

During the Chief Minister’s speech, however, BJP MLAs led by Shuvendu Adhikari walked out. Sneering at the BJP, the Chief Minister said, ‘Who will I answer? Those who complained fled. Go well sejeguje. So that it looks fair There are complaints. Not listening. “

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