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#Kolkata: Even the biggest supporters of the BJP may not have hoped that the party would do a very good job in the Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Elections 2021). But even in the five constituencies of Kolkata, the lotus flower will not bloom, the state BJP leaders may not have imagined such a bad result. But the state leadership of the party was ready inside for the bad results What the state BJP (BJP) expected from the pre-poll is clear from the short reaction of the party’s former state president Dilip Ghosh after the results were announced. Without hesitation, Dilip said, “What was supposed to happen has happened.”

The state BJP leaders are blaming themselves for multiple incidents of terrorism against the grassroots and allegations of rigging. Some of the state BJP leaders are blaming the reliance on the courts for not being in the political arena as the first and foremost cause of the catastrophe.

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The state BJP leadership has been embroiled in a legal battle since the day the pre-poll announcement was announced. The BJP has approached the Supreme Court from the High Court, sometimes demanding a vote in all the municipalities at once, and sometimes at the behest of the central government. Some of the party leaders think that the party leaders have relied more on the court’s verdict instead of fighting the grassroots by voting on the ground. And the lower level workers are also waiting for the verdict of the court

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Part of the BJP leadership has admitted that the party was not ready for the polls. And that’s why one of the purposes of going to court was to block or postpone the vote in three ways. However, in the pre-2019 episode, Gerua Shibir gained the confidence of Mamata or anti-Trinamool voters by launching a continuous movement against the Trinamool.

Some political analysts claim that the way the BJP has moved away from the political battle this time around and engaged in a legal battle, those voters may no longer have confidence in the BJP as a grassroots opposition force.

The party leaders are also blaming the hasty reshuffle of the state BJP after the Assembly elections as one of the reasons for its failure. Sukant Majumder was brought in to replace state president Dilip Ghosh before the expiration of the term after the assembly vote. Several other reshuffles were also made A section of the party alleged that the top leadership had messed up the whole issue while trying to reshuffle the organization. The situation is such that it has not been possible to finalize who will be in the party’s state committee

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Before the vote, the BJP had given the responsibility of 16 boroughs of Kolkata municipality to 16 MLAs But none of them are MLAs of Kolkata As a result, the leaders had no clear idea about the area they were given responsibility for The state of the organization is so bad that the state level leaders of the party have not been able to campaign properly in 60% of the wards. Even the meeting of state president Sukant Majumdar had to be canceled due to lack of people.

As a result, no matter what the BJP leaders may say in the run-up to the polls, they are fighting in parallel in the courts and in the political arena. Even though the names of the star campaigners were revealed, on the last day of the campaign, Union Minister Giriraj Singh was produced in Ward No. 22 of Kolkata Municipality. It has been alleged that there was some ambiguity in the party’s manifesto And seeing all this, many people read the writing on the wall As a result of the BJP, the leaders and workers associated with the state BJP are not surprised

After the results of the Kolkata pre-poll came out, the rift within the party started as usual due to the failure. Although the seal of the team has not been sealed yet, the practice is not stopping.

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