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#Kolkata: Is Nabanna going to take action against private banks this time? At least the message of the Chief Secretary in the districts indicates that. On Friday, the chief secretary in various districts expressed strong stance on the non-recognition of government projects by private banks. Private banks are not participating in various government projects, including student credit cards. In the case of private banks in particular, the work of this project is being harassed by the common man. With all these aspects in mind, it is being considered to take big steps against these banks.

On the same day, a message was sent to all the district magistrates from Navanna on behalf of the chief secretary saying that most of the private banks were not recognizing various development projects of the state government. The amount of student credit card loans is not being expanded. Private banks are not finding government projects.

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If such a situation continues, the Chief Secretary has indicated that strict action may be taken against these banks in the coming days. He said all the government accounts in these private banks would be removed. Accounts will be transferred to all banks that agree to recognize these government projects. However, private banks are not showing much interest not only in student credit cards but also in other projects of the state government. In a message, the chief secretary said the Kishan credit card, financial assistance to various self-help groups, etc., were not getting the expected help from projects and private banks.

According to sources, not only private banks, but also public sector undertaking banks are facing such problems, said Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi. Originally, various banks have been setting multiple conditions for giving loans through student credit cards, starting from home documents. Because of him, this time Nabanna is going to take this strict attitude. It seems so. Sources said the state finance secretary has also been asked to compile a list of these banks.

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