# Shiliguri: From Darjeeling, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her displeasure over the Rampurhat issue. The Chief Minister is currently on a visit to North Bengal. He opened his mouth with Rampurhat after meeting journalists in Darjeeling. He raised questions about the report given by BJP around Rampurhat. The chief minister alleged that the BJP’s report could affect the overall investigation into the incident. Besides, the name of Birbhum district Trinamool president Anubrat Mandal has been given in the BJP’s report. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also expressed anger over that.

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“We fully support the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Rampurhat,” Mamata told reporters on Wednesday. Police have arrested another person in connection with the recent murder of Vadu Sheikh. “We have investigated the death of Vadu Sheikh and arrested another person,” Mamata said. I think this report of BJP will affect the investigation. This may have political implications. I am opposed to this whole thing.

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Mamata then vented her anger over the BJP’s report. He said that in this way, reporting from any party during the investigation by an investigating agency is actually a misuse of power. People may lose confidence in the investigation. I strongly condemn this behavior of the BJP and the Center. Mamata also questioned why the name of Birbhum district president Anubrat was in the BJP’s report. Mamata said the report was against Anubrat. Why the name of my district president? In fact, political revenge 7 What is the BJP thinking? Rose will increase the price. Drama. Not paying attention to the students is showing revenge against the members of the opposition. It is extremely unfortunate.

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