#Kolkata: Even after winning the Baliganj by-election, two wards have become thorny. Within three-and-a-half months of winning the Kolkata municipal elections, the Trinamool Congress camp is deeply concerned that the Left has won more votes in these two wards. And that is why the Trinamool started searching for the cause of this fruit. Sources said the report will be prepared organizationally on behalf of South Kolkata District President Debashis Kumar. Besides, the mayor of Kolkata Municipality Firhad Hakim will look into the whole incident.

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Why the rate in the two wards of Kolkata in the Baliganj by-election? This question has started to arise within the ruling party since the results came out That is why the Trinamool Congress is investigating. Trinamool Congress has lagged behind in wards 64 and 65. Why couldn’t the councilors get the votes they got in the pre-poll? Where is the problem? In the just-concluded pre-poll, Shammi Jahan got 16,402 votes in ward no. Babul Supriya lost the by-election by 224 votes in this ward. Nivedita Sharma won by a margin of 22,630 votes in ward no. In the by-election, Babul Supriya lost in this ward by 918 votes. In three and a half months, the Trinamool Shibir came to find out the reason why this happened.

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Fighting between the two factions of the party in wards 64 and 65 in the by-election campaign has repeatedly created uneasiness in the Trinamool camp. A fight broke out at Punjab House in the staff meeting of ward no Several people, including the councilor’s husband, were injured. The Trinamool has to face discomfort in the fight between the group of former councilor Makhanlal Das and the current councilor Nivedita Sharma. Mayor Firhad Hakim held a meeting with the two sides. It is believed that the EVM of the by-election has the impression of fighting between the two groups.

On the other hand, Shammi Jahan came from the Congress camp and won the Trinamool symbol and became a councilor. But block president Bijli Rahman’s disagreement with the councilor of ward no. 64 continued. The effect of this is that it has fallen on the ballot box Ward 65 is very important to the grassroots. Because this ward is the home of Rizwanur Rahman and Buddhadev Bhattacharya. However, Debashis Kumar and Vaishwanar Chattopadhyay, the two leaders in charge of the polls, rushed to the polls to stop the conflict in the two wards. Even then the grass flower camp 6 was disappointed to see this fruit

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