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#Kolkata: And just wait a few hours Only then will it be known whether Mamata Banerjee will be the Chief Minister for the third time after winning from Bhabanipur. Before the start of vote counting, there is only one question circulating in the politics of the whole state about Bhabanipur, what will be the margin of Chief Minister Joy (Bhabanipur By Election Vote Counting)!

Because they will win in Bhabanipur, no BJP leader has been heard to make such a claim in the last few days. On the contrary, since the polls on Thursday, BJP leaders have been pushing for a moral victory by narrowing the margin of victory of the chief minister. And in Bhabanipur, no comment was heard on the victory or defeat of the Left

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After the demarcation of the border, voting took place again in 2011 at Bhabanipur. Trinamool’s Subrata Bokshi was the first to win from Bhabanipur Center when he came to power in the Trinamool state after 34 years of left rule. Although Mamata Banerjee is the Chief Minister, she had to contest the by-election from Bhabanipur in 2021 as it did this time. Because then he was an MP After the resignation of Subrata Bokshi, Mamata won from Bhabanipur

Trinamool’s Subrata Bokshi won the 2011 assembly elections by 49,938 votes. Mamata Banerjee won the by-election with 54,213 votes, despite getting only 44 per cent of the vote.

In 2016 too, the Chief Minister got an easy victory in Bhabanipur However, his margin of victory was much reduced In 2016, Mamata won by more than 25,000 votes in Bhabanipur In 2018, more than 6 percent of the votes will be cast in Bhabanipur

A few months ago, Trinamool’s Shobhandev Chatterjee defeated BJP’s Rudranil Ghosh by 27,619 votes in the Assembly elections in Bhabanipur. In the last assembly elections, the turnout in Bhabanipur was just over 71 percent

Combining all these figures from the past, the BJP leaders have now started calculating to claim a moral victory against Mamata in Bhabanipur. If in any case Mamata’s victory margin is less than that of Shobhandev Chatterjee in the last Assembly elections, then they will be vocal in demanding the success of this moral victory.

And the opposite plan is in the grassroots camp From the beginning, the grassroots top leadership had more headaches with the victory margin than the Chief Minister’s victory. Knowing that the Chief Minister’s victory was certain, the Trinamool leaders did not make the mistake of trying to increase the turnout, starting from the campaign in Bhabanipur. In the by-election, the turnout in Bhabanipur was a little more than 57 percent As a result, even though the gap is not as wide as in 2011, the primary goal of the Trinamool was to ensure that the victory margin of the Chief Minister does not narrow in any way from the victory gap of the Trinamool in 2021. In the end, whose number matched in Bhabanipur, now it is waiting for him

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