will be organized this winter though official dates yet to announce | This is the first international music festival in winter

#Kolkata: Everyone knows that there are many books in this state that appreciate industrial culture among Indians. Therefore, the first International Music Festival of the state (West Bengal Music Festival) is going to be held on the soil of Kolkata, one of the centers of cultural practice.

Kolkata, the heart of Bengal, has always left its mark on dance, song and music. World-renowned artists were born in this Kallolini Tilottama. And this time the state government took special initiative to create a blend of international culture (West Bengal Music Festival) with that culture. The International Music Festival is going to be organized in Kolkata for the first time with the help of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This winter only book fairs and film festivals will not have a Bengali theme.

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In a government function on Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that there are one festival after another in the state. After Durgapujo, Kalipujo, there is Chhatpujo, Jagadhatri Pujo. The next month, the general public will be intoxicated with Christmas and New Year celebrations. But it goes without saying that there will be a festive mood throughout the city even at the beginning of the new year.

The 26th International Film Festival (KIFF 2022) will start on January 7. It will continue till January 14. Then the book lovers will go to the Majben Book Fair. The book fair started on January 31 in accordance with the rules of Kovid. And with these two festivals, another festival is going on this time. International Music Festival.

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It is learned that this special festival will be held on Red Road for the first time this winter. In other words, in the same way that the red road is prepared for the carnival during Durgapuja, the highway will be prepared again in the winter sun. And music artists from home and abroad will also appear there. All in all, several days will pass in a musical atmosphere in the festive mood.

Mamata Banerjee has spoken more than once about bringing Bangla music to the international stage. We have to make an effort to make the whole world aware of the culture of Bengal. Just as the Kolkata Film Festival has garnered acclaim on the international stage, the state government hopes that the music festival will reach the pinnacle of popularity in the same way. Although the exact month of the winter the music festival will be held at Red Road, it has not yet been announced.

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