Kolkata: Will the grassroots show surprise by contesting the elections for the first time in Goa? But that is exactly what the survey of various exit polls published on Monday evening indicates Various booth return polls indicate that no party in Goa will get an absolute majority. The result will be triangular. That is why a party may need grassroots support to reach the magic figure And that, of course, is good news for Trinamool Congress and the party’s all-India secretary, Abhishek Banerjee.

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All eyes are on how bright the Trinamool Congress can be as one of the political factors in the Goa Assembly polls this time. The importance of booth return surveys from that place is also immense. Abhishek Banerjee has visited Goa more than once before and tried to strengthen the party’s organization in the state. So if grass is blossomed in Goa, it will be important for the grassroots in all-India politics.

In fact, the booth return survey says that the grassroots is going to play a big role in Goa. Today, Abhishek is scheduled to reach Goa on Tuesday night Stay until the election results come out Tomorrow, on Wednesday, Mahua Maitra can also go to Goa

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There are 4 seats in the Goa assembly According to the Axis booth return survey, the Congress may get 15 to 20 seats in Goa. In comparison, BJP can win 14 to 16 seats Gomantak Party can win 2-5 seats and others can win a maximum of 4 seats However, according to C-voters, the BJP could win 13 to 17 seats in Goa Congress can win 12 to 16 seats And the Trinamool Congress alliance can win 6 out of 5 to 9 seats The Gomantak Party is also in that alliance According to observers, if the C-voter polls in Goa match, the grassroots are likely to be the kingmakers there. In all-India politics, which is definitely good news for the grassroots Abhishek Banerjee, the party’s all-India general secretary, must be the main culprit in increasing grassroots political influence in Goa.

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