#Kolkata: The state government is cautious about the Deucha Pachami project. The Mamata Banerjee (Deucha Pachami Project) government will not go into any controversy over this mining project. The state government has informed that it will take initiative to set up the industry after gaining the confidence of all.

Speaking in the assembly on Tuesday on setting up industries in the state, Mamata Banerjee explained that the state government would not allow Deucha-Pachami to become Singur. The Chief Minister said, “There will be no Jedajedi like Singur here. The work of establishing the industry will be done by gaining the confidence of all. The state government has announced a rehabilitation package If there is any statement after that, it will be heard. There is no ego matter here. If the project is implemented, the price of electricity will go down. It will benefit the people of the state. “

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Incidentally, a committee has been formed with several people including actor Parambrata Chatterjee. Who will talk to landowners for the Deucha Pachami coal mine project. Maintain communication with the people of the area regarding the implementation of the project.

Earlier, there was some dissatisfaction among the locals over the acquisition of land in Deucha Pachami. Indigenous people live in a large part of the area where the project will be implemented. Rajiv Singh, former chief secretary of the state, held a meeting at Mohammad Bazar on the project. Indigenous people also submitted a memorandum to that meeting. In this, the announcement of the Chief Minister’s Legislative Assembly is quite significant. However, after the announcement of the package by the Chief Minister, a section of the residents of Deucha Pachami said that all the decisions will be taken only after a thorough review of the government’s package.

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The Chief Minister said, “Deucha Pachami is the Harinsingh coal block of Mohammadbazar in Birbhum district. Out of 3,400 acres of land, there are 1,017 million hectares of coal deposits and 1,148 million hectares of basalt deposits. Of these 3,400 acres, 1,000 acres are government land. We will start work on government land first. After that, land will be taken in other places step by step.

According to the state government, more than 21,000 people live in 4,314 houses in 12 villages in the Deucha Pachami area. Of which 3,600 are Scheduled Castes and 9,034 are Scheduled Tribes. The area is one of the largest coal blocks in the country due to its huge coal deposits. The coal extracted from here is going to play an important role in the development of not only the district but also the economy of the state and the country. This will directly and indirectly create employment for more than one lakh people.

The state government is investing Rs 35,000 crore in this project. Of this, Tk 10,000 crore has been allocated for relief and rehabilitation projects. According to state government sources, work will be done in Dewanganj in the first phase. There is coal at shallow depths. It has been informed that work will be done on the basis of discussions with all parties. Besides, landlords will be given attractive packages and appropriate compensation and rehabilitation. Their land, house and one member of the family will be given a job. Those who have land including houses in the area will get 10 to 13 lakh rupees per bigha. In addition, you will get five lakh rupees for the transfer. In the colony you will find a house of 600 square feet.

All the families who lose their houses and lands will get jobs one by one. 4 thousand 942 people will get such jobs. About 3,000 workers, who work in stone quarrying, will get one lakh 20 thousand rupees for maintenance. 180 agricultural workers in that area will get 50 thousand rupees. You will get 100 days work for 500 days. The owners of 265 stone crushers will get the price of their land and infrastructure and Rs. 50,000 as compensation for shifting work elsewhere.

According to the government decision, the basalt industrial park will be restructured in Chanda Mouza near the coal mining project. 26 mine owners will get land and house price. For now, this decision has been announced by the state. According to sources, a team of administrative officials may visit the area soon.

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