Kolkata: Winter mood will increase on weekends. Amazement of winter at night and in the morning. Temperatures below 20 in seven districts of South Bengal. Even in Kolkata (Kolkata weather) the night temperature is below normal. The temperature in Purulia and Sriniketan entered the house at 16 degrees. West Bengal Weather Update.

Winter mood is increasing in Bengal in the morning. In four districts, the temperature dropped to 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. Mercury touches 18 degrees in Purulia and Sriniketan. Dry weather started in Bengal. The weather will be similar in the next few days. There is no chance of rain. The autumn atmosphere is all over Bengal. As the night temperature is normal or below, it is mild winter. There will be a little fog somewhere in the early morning. Light winter at night and in the morning. The western districts will feel more like winter. The winter mood of the morning increased a little more. Such a situation will remain for the next one week.

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Purulia 18.5 degrees Celsius. Sriniketan 18.6 degrees Celsius. Panagarh 16.5 degrees Celsius. Bankura 18.6 degrees Celsius. Asansol 19.8 degrees Celsius. Barrackpore 19.6 degrees Celsius. Burdwan 19 degrees Celsius. Krishnanagar 18 degrees Celsius.

The night temperature in Darjeeling is 7.8 degrees Celsius. There is no possibility of rain in North Bengal. Tomorrow, the temperature in Darjeeling is likely to drop further from Thursday. Dry and cool weather. The night temperature will drop a bit in the next few days. The winter mood will increase a bit and the fog will also increase in the morning.

The sky is clear in Kolkata. The night temperature will be normal or below. Pleasant atmosphere in the morning. This will be the environment for the next four to five days. Today, Wednesday morning the minimum temperature was 21.5 degrees Celsius. Which is 1 degree lower than normal. Yesterday, Tuesday afternoon, the maximum temperature was 31 degrees Celsius. Which is normal. The relative humidity in the air is 38 to 90 percent. There was no rain in Calcutta.

The depression formed in the south-east Bay of Bengal is located in the Comorin area. It will gradually move westward towards the southeastern Arabian Sea. In the next 48 hours, it will increase its strength and move north-west. Can be in the form of strong depression. There are also two axes along the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and cyclones over Rajasthan and Punjab. New western storms have hit the states of north-western India.

Rainfall in southern Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, due to low pressure and northeast monsoon. There will be heavy rains in the next few days in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karaikal and Kerala in southern India.

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Heavy rains are forecast in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karaikal areas till November 2 due to northeast monsoon.

A fresh westerly storm is expected on November 1, with snowfall likely in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Muzaffarabad and Himachal Pradesh in the first week of November.

Biswajit Saha

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