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Without leadership, the BJP is practically ‘channachhara’ in the assembly! Question among legislators – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Suspended opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari in the assembly. The Badal session of the Legislative Assembly has started from the last 10 days. However, Shuvendu could not attend the session due to temporary expulsion.

The BJP has gone to court challenging the Speaker’s suspension order. Procrastination has also been created in that case. The court told Shuvendu that the matter of the assembly should be settled in the assembly itself. In the application made by the BJP to the principal on the direction of the court, they also mentioned the possibility of going to court with suspension.

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According to a BJP legislator, “We have consciously mentioned the issue in our petition for inclusion in the assembly record. This is our legal and political decision. Also, the Speaker wants to exclude the issue of court from the application for revocation of suspension. We want to resolve this in court. If our legal expert obeys the rules and obeys the court’s order, the court will be disrespected if the application is not accepted. We want the court to say whether the BJP’s motion is right or wrong. We want to leave the matter to the court, not the speaker. If it is late.

Due to this attitude of BJP, the issue has not been resolved even today. As a result, the BJP has to deal with the ruling party by keeping seven important MLAs, including Shuvendu, out of the session. Yesterday, Shuvendu Adhikari joined the symbolic protest and dharna in Potiko of the assembly for a while and went to the party program under the Gandhi statue. Shuvendu did not come to the assembly on Tuesday as there was a party program in Bankura. Even today he has a party program at Ranaghat in Nadia. As a result, Shuvendu will not be able to spend full time in the assembly.

Meanwhile, the state has been passing various important and controversial bills, from the bill to appoint the Chief Minister to the post of Acharya in the Assembly session, to bring the Education Minister in the chair of the visitor, in a virtually unhindered manner. On Tuesday, the BJP walked out to avoid a last-minute vote, despite opposition to such a bill.

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According to parliamentary experts, what did the BJP want to prove by not participating in the referendum? According to a section of the party, the decisions of the parliamentary party are being misunderstood due to the absence of leadership. The majority could not have prevented the ruling party from passing the bill in the legislature, but it was important to determine the party’s position in opposition to the bill in parliamentary politics. However, the BJP’s chief whip, Manoj Tigga, said, “I myself am suspended and out of the session.”

The government wants to pass the controversial bill by excluding seven of our important MLAs including the Leader of the Opposition. Since they are not just sitting in the assembly, they are presenting the form of this government in the court of the people in the field. What else do we have to do? However, despite not publicly commenting on the decision of the parliamentary party, dissatisfaction is growing in the minds of many MLAs of the party.

According to a North Bengal MLA, ‘The role of the opposition is very important in the question and answer session of the Legislative Assembly. However, the BJP could not submit the written questions about the work of various government departments in time. The lack of coordination and experienced leadership of the parliamentary party is responsible for this. Although we are talking about political movement, we are giving more priority to legal battle. As a result, it will be difficult to mobilize people in the future.

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