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Woman Employment || New feathers in the crown of Bengal, Bengali at the top in women’s employment, recognition in the central report


#Kolkata: New feathers in the crown of Bengal. According to a central report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, Bengali women are among the top employers in the country. While 1.25 crore women lost their jobs in the whole country from January to April 2022, 43.61 lakh women got jobs in Bengal. Bengali is ‘ahead’ of Gujarat in terms of women’s employment.

Where 33.22 lakh women got jobs five years ago, it has increased to 43.81 lakh now. Bengal is the first state in the country to employ women. ‘Bengal is ahead’ in women’s employment, leaving all the states of the country behind. From September to December 2021, the number of women employed in Bengal was 43.21 lakhs. From January to April 2022, that number has increased to 43.61 lakhs.

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According to the central report of the economy, this information has been published after analyzing the data of the last 5 years. How far ahead is Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s Sadher Bangla? And from January to April 2022 it has increased to 43.61 lakhs. Last but not least, Mamata Banerjee’s state is ahead of Narendra Modi’s Gujarat in terms of women’s employment. In the last five years, women’s employment in Gujarat has increased by 7.6 lakh. Which is 1.42 lakh less than Bengal.

Venkateshwar Lahiri

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