#Kolkata: A woman died mysteriously in Patuli. The woman’s body was found floating in the Patuli area of ​​South Kolkata. Residents of the area do not understand exactly why this happened.

Mita Mukherjee, a resident of N block of Patuli. He woke up in the morning just like the other day. He had a habit of going to Morningwalk. But he did not return on Wednesday, the same day he returned home every day. That is why thinking begins. As the day progressed, Mita’s body was found floating in the water of Block-O on the opposite side of Patuli fire station at around 9 o’clock. According to the family, Mita is 60 years old.

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After that the local people saw the body. After seeing the body, the news was given to Patuli police station. Police arrived at the spot and sent the body for autopsy. Initial investigations by the police revealed that no signs of injuries were found on the outside of the body. However, the police are still investigating the cause of death. Talking to family.

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