Sunday, July 3, 2022

Woman Wins Hearts


Kolkata: Biyabari means arranging Elahi food The amount of food wasted is not less than what the invited visitors eat Because a lot of food is arranged to keep the guests entertained As a result, many foods are wasted A young woman crossed the conventional upstream The food that was left over from his brother’s wedding ceremony reached Ranaghat Station. He distributed all food among the poor (woman serves leftover food from her brother’s wedding to poor people) The social media post says, the name of this broken girl is Papia Kar7

Pictures of his smiling face have spread on different stages of social media It can be seen that he is serving a wedding feast at Ranaghat station in a wedding dress with zardar sari and jewelery. Papia 7 has been congratulated by the netizens with applause and good wishes Everyone called him Kurnish According to some netizens, Papia has already cooked and put it in the mouths of starving people.

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A few days ago, such a humanitarian incident was caught The story of 10-year-old Layla came up there He used to sell cookies to treat his feet With the help of an Instagram user, he reached out to her

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In our country too, in every corner of the society, a group of human faces has come up in the war against tyranny From celebrities to ordinary people, 8 people are standing next to them Food, medicine and other necessities have been handed over to the victims The shadow of the coronavirus virus has not yet completely disappeared, it has only subsided There is always a new variant being heard in it Now the guest control at the wedding has been relaxed As a result, the amount of food at the banquet is increasing Papia has won the hearts of netizens by handing over the food to the hungry without wasting it

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