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Woman’s body rescued from Garfay flat! – News18 Bangla


Sushovan Bhattacharya, Kolkata: The incident of Garfar on Tuesday night is like the screenplay of a movie Called the murder and went to commit suicide! It was about four-thirty on Tuesday afternoon Suddenly a bus driver called Munni Singh’s mobile phone. It was reported from the opposite side of the phone that Shanti Singh had been killed and his body was in Garfar’s house. Bus driver Govardhan Seth called and informed Munni Singh, a relative of Shanti Singh’s family, about the incident.

Hearing this, they left Beleghata’s house and went straight to Garfar Sarat Bose Colony. When Govardhan came to Seth’s house and opened the door, he saw Shanti’s body lying in a bloody state. Munni Singh repeatedly called on his mobile phone in search of Govardhan Seth. Govardhan Seth did not pick up the phone after calling on his mobile phone many times. Some time later, a call came to Munni Singh’s mobile with Govardhan Seth’s number. After picking up the phone, Munni was told from the other end of the phone that a call was being made from the railway police that the body of a man had been found in the middle of Dhakuria station from Baliganj. Munni Singh was surprised to hear this. They were told to come to the railway police for identification As soon as he spoke, an acquaintance went and saw that person Govardhan Seth. Meanwhile, in all these incidents, Munni Singh asked the police to come to the spot with all the information from Garfa police station.

Investigating officer of Garfa police station Shanti Singh was found dead at the spot. Garfa Thana started collecting more information by contacting the Railway Police on behalf of the Thana. Homicide Division 7 of Lalbazar reached the spot After going there, the detectives started collecting some surrounding evidence. SSD Deputy Commissioner Abadesh Pathak rushed to the spot. He toured the area and talked to neighbors. He said that Govardhan Seth’s body was recovered from the railway line, it seems that the bus driver has committed suicide. Meanwhile, the body of Shanti Singh was recovered from the ground floor of Garfar. The initial presumption is that Shanti Singh was killed by suffocation and was hit on the head. However, it is possible to know the cause of injury or death only after the initial report of autopsy.

The exact cause of death is still unknown. According to the locals, Govardhan Seth has been living in the house for eight to nine years Although the woman was a stranger, she used to visit the house from time to time. Another neighbor claimed that no voice was heard on Tuesday, but Govardhan Seth’s family has not been seen for so many years. However, the police are trying to find out the root cause of this incident. Investigating officers of Garfa police station are trying to find out whether there is a property dispute or not.

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