Women Stuck in Lift: A woman is stuck in a government hospital elevator, fighting for four days with a little water

#Kolkata: A woman was stuck in the elevator of Government Hospital Nilratan Sarkar Hospital (NRS Hospital) in Kolkata for four days. No one noticed that a woman was locked in a lift like this The woman stuck in the elevator shouted a lot but no one heard her voice The woman thought that maybe she would never live again He gave up all hope of survival The hospital administration had no information about the incident During the four days of being stuck in the elevator, the woman had only 300 ml of water, which is practically a drop of water.

Last Monday, 60-year-old Anyora Bibi went to see a doctor at the NRD Hospital’s OPD. He had to go to the fourth floor He thought of using the elevator for leg pain There was a big lift, next to it was a small lift The old woman presses the small elevator Going to the second floor, the elevator stopped After being stuck in the elevator from Monday, they are stuck for four days till Friday (Women Stuck in Lift). For four days, from Monday to Friday, he struggled with life and death

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Spending time eating a little water and a little food

According to the Bengali daily Ganashakti, Anwara Bibi, a resident of Chandipur village in Baduria, said after being stuck in the elevator, “After being stuck in the elevator, I shouted a lot, but no one heard my screams.” “I had a bottle of water and a packet of pills,” she said I drank a little bit of chura and a little bit of water every day And I wondered who would come and open the door But it did not happen. “

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That’s how women get out of the elevator

When the woman did not reach home even after four days, the family went out to look for her They reached the hospital But he was not found there either One of the woman’s acquaintances arrived at the hospital on Friday He heard the woman’s voice He heard that voice and called more people An elderly woman (Women Stuck in Lift) was then rescued. The woman was in great fear for four days in the dark According to media reports, hospital authorities (NRS Hospital) said they were not aware of the incident.

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