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World Environment Day: Mayor Firhad Hakim slams former Left government over tree cutting


#Kolkata: Firhad Hakim, the mayor of Kolkata and minister of state, slammed the former left government for cutting down trees. Attending an event on World Environment Day, Firhad Hakim said many trees have been cut down in the last 34 years in an attempt to occupy the area with red flags. Mangroves have even been cut in many parts of the Sundarbans to increase the vote bank.

In this way, Firhad Hakim’s comment is practically against the left, “Our Chief Minister is a nature lover. Prakrititirtha has been done in Rajarhat since I came to power. Where people can walk and breathe in the green. Eco Park has been created. One park after another has been created. We are planting trees for the future of our children, we are working to save nature.

On this day, a tree planting program was organized on the occasion of World Environment Day in Boro No. 9 of Kolkata Municipality. Mayor Firhad Hakim and Mayor Parishad Debashis Kumar were present on the occasion. Boro Chairperson Deblina Biswas and South Kolkata MP Mala Roy were also present. Firhad Hakim and Debashis Kumar planted trees at the beginning of the program.

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Speaking on the occasion, Debashis Kumar said, “We have to take a pledge to make Kolkata livable for children. Protecting the environment means keeping children healthy in the future. So we have taken up tree planting programs in cities and across the state. As we will not cut down trees, everyone has to take a vow to plant one tree at a time. At the same time, we have to take the decision to keep the water body alive.

Mayor Firhad Hakim also said, “We have to save the environment by keeping pace with urbanization. Otherwise, in the future, our children will tell their parents why we gave them the inhaler. So that they don’t have to talk about it, we have to take a pledge to make the world a better place for them by breathing oxygen and giving them flats and cars. Otherwise we will have to face the question. Therefore, just as trees will be planted, water bodies will also have to be saved.

He expressed his displeasure and said, “We get phone calls almost every day. It is said that the pond is being explained in that place. We send officers to prevent matters. But why should we do such a thing. Why don’t you take initiative to save nature yourself ”, asked Firhad Hakim. Trees were handed over to small children from the ceremony.

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