#Kolkata: World Patient Safety Day is celebrated every year on September 17 at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO). The motto of this year’s Patient Safety Day is protection of newborns and mothers. With this in mind, the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) in Rajarhat shed light on a number of urgent issues. In this country, the mortality rate of hospitalized mothers and newborns is very high. According to the World Health Organization, 600 newborns and 610 mothers die every day in the world. From this perspective, how the mother and child will fight with cancer, how the patient’s family will fight, it is necessary to take any precaution in the first part, the doctors showed the way.

Dr. Shankar Sengupta, Superintendent of CNCI, said that with a little caution from the medical staff, the death rate could be greatly reduced. In addition to raising awareness on this issue, prevention of maternal and child cancer is also discussed.

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Dr. Jayant Chakraborty, Director, CNCI, said that it is important to give proper care and courage to the cancer patients in addition to the treatment as per the international guidelines. Cancer is such a disease that everyone in the family breaks down when they hear its name. Therefore, patients and their families need to be mentally encouraged at all times. Dr. Chakraborty also emphasized on prevention and early diagnosis of cancer. Gynecologist Dr. Sunaina Wadha said that besides taking care of the health of girls, they should also be careful about cancer screening.

He especially advised women in our country to focus on cervical cancer screening. Although there are regular camps for cervical cancer screening and treatment from CNCI, there is a need to raise more awareness in this regard. A special virus called human papilloma virus (HPV) is responsible for this cancer. Dr. Sunaina Wadha appealed for making cervical cancer vaccination compulsory for adolescents aged 9-16 years.

Patients are often at risk of various infections from the hospital. Therefore, microbiologist Dr. Shuvrangshu Mandal suggested that patients should be very careful during channel ivy cannulation.

Dr. Sumon Palchowdhury advised the family members as well as the doctors to be more vigilant about the early symptoms of eye, brain and blood cancer in children. Dr. Sunanda Bandyopadhyay was present on behalf of Kaho.

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