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‘You are safe in this car’, new cab in Kolkata! Why such a strange naming? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: After Pink Cab, another cab is being introduced in Kolkata (New Cab in Kolkata) for the safety of female passengers. The ‘You are safe in this car’ cab is being launched at the initiative of State Transport Department and Kolkata Police.

But why such a strange naming of the cab? According to the state transport department, passengers will be able to travel in this cab at any time, whether it is night or lonely afternoon. Because the windscreen of the car will say ‘You are safe in this car’. However, no one will get the ownership of this sticker or cab if they want. This sticker will be given by Kolkata Traffic Police. Before that, the Department of Transport and Kolkata Police will give special training to these cab drivers.

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Various allegations were made against cab drivers in Kolkata at different times. Ever complained of disrespect to female passengers. Never complained of abuse. Complaint of canceling the trip even after booking again. And whether it is yellow taxi or app based cab service, various excuses are rejected.

In order to ensure the safety of female passengers, the drivers involved in public transport will be trained on government initiative. The training will be imparted by the Traffic Guard of Kolkata Traffic Police. The project will be inaugurated by the Kolkata Police Commissioner today. The training will be started soon by the South East Traffic Guard. This training will also be given step by step on behalf of other traffic guards.

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According to the State Transport Department, complaints have come from different parts of Kolkata at different times. Police have also taken various measures in the wake of that allegation. But the amount of complaints has not stopped completely. So the training will continue with the drivers. The training camp will run with about 50 people.

The State Transport Department has sanctioned about Tk. 18 million to the Kolkata Police for running this training camp. Each driver will be given a bag, pen, notepad, hat, T-shirt. According to the state transport department, about 13,000 drivers will be trained. The cab operator organization has praised this role.

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