#Kolkata: Pornography shooting in Kolkata again! Allegedly, Rajdeep Hazra, a resident of Shobhabazar in North Kolkata, was forced to shoot porn in the name of web series. It is learned that Nasim Akhter, a resident of Belgharia, forced him to shoot pornography. Nasim Akhter introduced Rajdeep to a young man named Biki Roy. Rajdeep Hazra lodged a written complaint in the name of accused Nasim Akhter at Belgharia police station on Monday evening.

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This is not the first time! In December 2020, a young model by profession lodged a complaint with the Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police, alleging that she had been forced to work in a porn movie (Newtown Pornography case)! In a written statement to the police station, the young woman said that she had met a person on social media. The man said that there is a production house in Ranikuthi area. He also promised to give young women a chance in the Tollywood industry. The young woman contacted the person in the hope of getting a job. In the beginning, he also got 2 small jobs. Shortly afterwards, he was taken to a hotel in the Bidhannagar police commissionerate area, where he was drugged and forced to shoot pornography. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the suspects. This is not the end! Newtown Pornography Case!

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The police started investigation based on the allegations of the girl. One by one, porn film cinematographers and models are being arrested! Finally, in October, after a long ten months, the main accused in the Newtown porn scandal was caught by the police. According to sources, Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police arrested him from Regent’s Park near Taliganj. According to police sources, the man named Prakash Das used to supply models for pornography.

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