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young woman coming from britain to kolkata suspected omicron – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Omicron Panick In Kolkata (Omicron Panick In Kolkata)! Coronavirus found in the body of a young woman from Britain! He landed at Calcutta Airport via Doha from Britain at 2.30 pm on Thursday. Her corona report from Hindlab at 3:30 pm showed a young Kovid positive (Omicron Panick In Kolkata).

The girl may have been taken to Beleghata ID Hospital. The young woman returning to Doha will be kept in isolation in a special ward set up at the hospital for Omicron patients (25 women and 25 men). He will be admitted as soon as he is brought to Beleghata ID, said Anima Haldar, Principal of Beleghata ID Hospital. However, if the young woman does not want to go to Beleghata Hospital, she can stay in a private hospital approved by the health department.

According to the health department, the genome or genome sequence of the young woman will be examined for testing for immunodeficiency infection. Samples of saliva are being sent to the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics in Kalyani.

The new variant of Kovid Omicron entered India in early December. The first case of this new killer virus was found in the bodies of two people in Karnataka. Among the victims, one man and one woman, aged 8 and 48, respectively, the health ministry said. According to the ministry, ‘contact tracing’ of the victims has also been done. Then, on Sunday, 9 people were found infected with corona in Jaipur, Rajasthan and 6 in Maharashtra. Everyone is infected with Omicron. It is learned that 4 people from Maharashtra had returned from abroad, the other 3 were close to those 4 people. All the victims in Maharashtra are said to be residents of Pune.

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