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Zero Gold Wedding: Abandoned Gold Jewelry Despite Affordability


Kolkata: Not even a speck of gold! Married after imitation or fake jewelry! On hearing this, everyone fell from the sky Didn’t leave to ask questions But Juhi Santra was adamant in his decision His wedding will be in a completely gold-free arrangement (Zero Gold Wedding)! In Indian society, marriage is a mountain of pressure on a girl’s father to carry gold ornaments.

Juhi Santra’s profile on social media says she is a resident of Bangalore and the head of a travel agency. He himself informed about his retrograde decision on Facebook

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Juhi, the only daughter of the parents, said it was not just imitation jewelery He got married at his own expense He helped as much as he could financially They have fulfilled all their dreams of marrying their only daughter

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The Bengali translation of what Juhi wrote in English stands for, “From ornaments, from shoes to handbags, from crowns to saris, from makeup artists to photographers করেছি I have done everything in my power.” He had to face this question at every moment He told them, “First of all, my parents have qualified me so that I can make some decisions in my life and buy my own jewelry if I want to.” But I don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry right now And I totally decide not to buy gold jewelry for myself at the wedding. “

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Juhi also said that he did not want any pressure on his parents for his daughter’s marriage They have done a lot and he will save his parents at any cost till the end of his life Juhi 7 is determined This decision and his post has won the hearts of Netdunia 7 Juhi’s post has been shared in different parts of social media Netizens praised him

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