Zomato: Food delivery boy beaten, bicycle broken, then …

#Kolkata: A customer has been accused of beating up a delivery boy and throwing his phone at him for breaking food. The incident on Tuesday night spread tension in Panshila Anandapalli of Sodpur. Ghola police have started investigation based on the written complaint.

The delivery boy named Ujjwal Das complained that an order came from the location of Sodpur Kalitala ground area this evening. That’s how he arrives at the location with food. He is a little late to go cycling.

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Ujwal alleged that a woman named Moumita Chakraborty first abused him on the phone as he was a little late. Nevertheless, after reaching a certain location with food, he was told to go to another location, 500 meters away, to Panshila Anandapalli. At first Ujjwal refuses to go but later he goes to give food at that location.

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After taking the food, the woman again abused him. Not only that, he was also slapped on the cheek and his mobile phone was snatched from his hand and thrown away. Bought that phone in bright installments. The woman even damaged his bicycle. It is alleged that the woman even threatened him. Ujjwal then told his colleagues. During the night, Jomato Boyra of Sodpur zone went to Ghola police station and lodged a complaint. Ujjwal further alleged that the account from which the food was ordered was fake.

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