“MY DARLING” An unique story of a couple

“MY DARLING” An unique story of a couple

By Trisha saha

`Mon comes to Kolkata with her husband (Bikram) in Bikram’s office tour. In the Kolkata tour, Mon meet Ron and got attracted toward him due to his marriage life crisis. Mon’s friend Sarila influences her to have an affair with Ron and Mon as well, carried away. Bikram comes to know about Mon’s and his jealousy bridge the crisis of their marriage life. The story evolves around these character until Mon and Bikram goes back to Delhi with their redefined marriage life’.

This film is based on a couple and the crisis they faced in their married life. The male lead “Bikram” is played by Abhishek Roy and the female lead “Mon” played by Kamalika Chanda and the other star cast are Deep Kumar Singh, Pratik, Anu Singh, Joydeep Das and others. The caption of the shop or we can say the director who directed this film is A khan produce under the banner Nuefliks and presented by Bioscope film.

The male lead “Bikram” played by Abhishek Roy said about his  character that “Bikram is a business man from delhi who came to kolkaka for his business tour where his wife attracted to other man name Ron. Because he is unable to satisfy her physical needs. And when he get to know about his wife affair  he got angry and feel jealous. But at the other hand he also support her indirectly.”

This film is full of boldness, lots of darma and jealousy as well. “My Darling” is going to release on 10jaunary2021 on a OTT platfrom nuefliks

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