2 Pilgrims Washed Away As Temporary Bridge Collapses In Uttarakhand

Heavy rains in Haridwar last week caused severe flooding.

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Uttarkashi: In an unfortunate incident, 2 pilgrims were washed away and about 40 were stranded when a temporary bridge collapsed due to a sudden increase in water flow in a river at Devgad in Uttarakhand on Friday. The site of the incident is about 8-9 km ahead of Gangotri on the Gomukh footpath.

After receiving the alert, the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) team arrived at the location and assisted the stranded pilgrims in safely crossing the river. The SDRF reports that 16 pilgrims have been rescued, and efforts to save the remaining individuals are ongoing. Previously, on Thursday, the SDRF rescued 10 youths who were marooned on an island close to Robbers Cave in Dehradun.

“We received information from the City Control Room (CCR) that some people had been trapped on an island near Robbers Cave (Guchhupani), for whose rescue an SDRF team is required,” SDRF officials said.

Upon receiving the information, the SDRF rescue team, accompanied by Sub-Inspector Laxmi Rawat from the Sahastradhara post, promptly departed for the incident site with the required rescue gear. The team arrived at the location and immediately commenced rescue operations.

Subsequently, the ten individuals stranded on the island were safely transported across the river. Despite the strong currents, they managed to navigate the treacherous waters using a rope, as reported by the SDRF.

Last week, Haridwar experienced intense rainfall that led to severe flooding. The water levels of the Ganga River surged, causing vehicles to float and submerging roads. The heavy downpours caused a significant rise in the river’s water level, resulting in flooded roads and numerous vehicles being partially or fully submerged.

Local authorities have advised residents and visitors to refrain from bathing in the river due to hazardous conditions.

(With ANI inputs)

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