Wednesday, June 29, 2022

26 years of Photography Journey starts with Celluloid to Digital


From Editor’s Desk,Bombay:- Starting his carrier from Celluloid to reels then to Digital was not an easy Journey to say in words.Tremendous love and passion to photography can gives birth for a legend photographer.

Shri Pratap Dasgupta,started his journey into photography since 1996,already worked with those legends like Lt .Soumitra Chattopadhay and many more.

Shri Pratap Dasgupta ,(in the left ) While working with Lt.Soumitra Chattopadhay

He his so energetic still today that to write something in words is not possible for the reporters nowadays we are having around India.

While people talking about culture we already set him as our cultural living legend photographer as from his dressing sense to photography he is so dedicated that we cant find another one in the industry.

We wish him a very good luck and a long journey with our teams throughout India,though he doesnot know us but we know him.

Shri Pratap Dasgupta in 2012

One of our fellow team member said ,” To talk with Pratap Da , I have to think twice as he is perfect in all stages of life ”

“More wishes & Sculptures to add on long live Pratap Dasgupta da ” – Said by Shri Suhrid Ghosh,Chief Editor and Country Head of The Times of Bengal.

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