Authorities Penalise Residents For Wasting Water

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram has begun to take stringent measures by levying fines on those misusing potable water for activities like washing cars and courtyards.

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Children carry vessels to collect drinking water on a hot summer day in Gurugram. (ANI Photo)

Gurugram Water Crisis: Gurugram in Haryana is going through a severe water crisis which adds to the discomfort and botheration due to the ongoing heatwave.

In response to the water shortage, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has begun to take stringent measures by levying fines on those misusing potable water for activities like washing cars and courtyards. MCG officials have announced that squads were assembled on Monday to inspect these areas and assess the conditions firsthand.

Penalty Of Rs 2000 For Wasting Water

MCG officials have reported that a minimum of 20 families were caught washing their vehicles and courtyards and were immediately fined Rs 2,000 each. These families were discovered to be squandering drinking water, even though many residents are experiencing a severe water shortage and rely on water tankers for their daily requirements.

Helpline Number

MCG Commissioner Narhari Singh Bangar stated that persistent misuse could result in the disconnection of water supply and the sealing of the property. “A WhatsApp helpline number, 7840001817, has been introduced for the swift resolution of water-related issues, allowing individuals to report any misuse of drinking water,” he mentioned.

Campaign Against Misuse Of Water To Continue

Bangar stated that the campaign to prevent water misuse will persist, as the wastage by some residents hinders others from obtaining their rightful share of water, causing inconvenience. “Our team is working tirelessly to guarantee that water is delivered to every household, ensuring that residents are not burdened with the cost of tankers. We offer water tankers at no charge in areas where the water supply is interrupted for any reason. Responsibilities have been designated to junior engineers and supervisors on a ward-by-ward basis, and their contact numbers have been publicized to the community through various channels,” he explained.

Appeal To Conserve Water

The MCG commissioner stated that residents must avoid misusing drinking water and should instead implement water conservation practices to guarantee availability for all citizens. “Furthermore, citizens are urged to report any misuse of water to the helpline, providing photos, addresses, and locations, to facilitate proper action against violators. It is imperative for citizens to conserve water rather than waste it,” he emphasized.

Citizens’ Body Suggests Positive Actions With Long-Term Solutions

Gauri Sarin, the founder of Making Model Gurugram, a citizen-led initiative, emphasized that the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) should prioritize positive, long-term actions and prepare for water shortages well in advance, approximately a month ahead. “Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) could be instructed to ration water so that everyone benefits. We need to focus on the largely absent rainwater harvesting and storage facilities, extend more sewage treatment plant (STP) pipelines throughout residential colonies, cease using drinking water for construction, and regulate the water mafia,” she stated. She further suggested that the solution is to develop a comprehensive plan for managing both groundwater and canal water supplies.

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