British Indian Viraj Mungale Drives Over 18,000 Km, Across 16 Countries To Meet His Mother In India

A British-Indian man, Viraj Mungale, drove over 18,000 kilometres, across 16 countries from London to Thane, Maharashtra to meet his mother.

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Around The World In 60 Days: British Indian Viraj Mungale Drives Over 18,000 Km, Across 16 Countries To Meet His Mother In India
Viraj Mungale, a British national, finally reached Thane on June 17. (Image: X)

Viraj Mungale, an Indian-origin British national, battled extreme weather, mountainous roads, and unimaginable fatigue, as he made an unprecedented transcontinental road trip in his trusted SUV from London, UK to meet his mother in Thane, India.

Mungale’s two-months long extraordinary journey took him across 16 countries as he drove over 18,000 kilometres from London to Thane, facing challenges like extreme weather conditions, including snow and cold, during his arduous trip.

Driven by the desire to meet his mother and show his love for her in the most unique of ways, Mungale said he covered a distance of 18,300 km which took him through the United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal, and finally India.

During the remarkable journey, Mungale’s Nepalese friend Roshan Shresta accompanied him up to Kathmandu, Nepal.

“I drove approximately 400-600 km per day, occasionally pushing up to 1,000 km, always prioritising safety by avoiding night driving,” Viraj, who reached Thane on June 17, told reporters over the weekend.

Giving a glimpse of all the challenges he faced during his incredible road trip, Viraj Mungale said overcame, altitude sickness at 5,200 metres, extreme weather conditions including snow and cold, and  traversed hazardous mountain roads as he drove across as many as 16 nations during his 59-day long journey.

Mungale told newsmen that he took a two-month leave from his job and meticulously arranged permissions and legal clearances from each country he traversed.

The British national finally reached his intended destination in Thane, Maharashtra on June 17, and revealed he would return to the UK by flight and ship his SUV.

Mungale said the inspiration for this amazing adventure stemmed from his fascination with the historic Silk Route and the stories of other people who had undertaken similar journeys.

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