Halder Group Embarks on 100 Years of Excellence, Honouring a Century of Gratitude and Achievements

Halder Group, a leading rice and oil manufacturing company, marks a centenary of pioneering success since their establishment in 1924, in India. Over the decades, Halder Group has evolved into a global powerhouse, significantly influencing the rice industry in India and beyond and contributing immensely to the nation’s progress. The company plans to broaden their horizon and step into the retail landscape, aiming to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.  

Driven by the vision to nurture humanity and create a healthy, well-nourished community, the company is committed to delivering excellence through their products. Originating from a single factory, B.C. Halder Rice Mill in Birbhum, West Bengal, Halder Group has expanded their footprints across domestic and international markets. The company successfully expanded into four new countries- Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, and Togo last year with the existing countries, marking significant growth in its global footprint. Upholding global standards and emphasising social responsibility and value, Halder Group has become one of the leading exporters of Parboiled rice from East India, with brands like Moti, Bhoj, and Diva. They are also manufacturers of premium edible oil with brands Odaana and Omaana and have their market expanded to the entire eastern zone of India.

Halder Group has an unwavering commitment to upholding quality and discipline, which has ensured their continued success in the industry. Mr Keshab Kumar Haldar, Managing Director and CEO, Halder Group, says “This year is exceptional for all of us at Halder Group. It marks a century of accomplishments and a bold vision for the next 100 years. As we celebrate this milestone, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all our valued stakeholders for your faith and support throughout this journey. Your encouragement has shaped the company, reinforcing our dedication to delivering excellence in our products. With our commitment to quality and discipline, we aspire to fuel India’s growth story, growing goodness for generations to come.”

As the company enters their centenary year, they aim to emerge as a dynamic FMCG brand dedicated to enhancing culinary experiences and promoting healthier lifestyles globally. Their strategic goal includes further global expansion and continued growth in the rice and oil sectors. Halder Group’s centenary represents not only a rich legacy but also a forward-thinking approach, characterised by innovation and a steadfast pursuit of excellence.

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About Halder Group

Halder Group, a leading rice and edible oil manufacturing company with a legacy dating back to 1924 continues its mission of ‘Growing Goodness’ in communities worldwide. Originated from B.C. Halder Rice and Oil Mills, founded by the visionary Mr. Madan Mohan Halder, has built a century-long heritage of excellence, responsibility, and innovation.

Driven by a vision to nurture humanity and create a well-nourished society, Halder Group’s mission is to ensure access to nutritious food to all sectors of the society. With its headquarters based in West Bengal, India, Halder Group has expanded its footprint globally, operating in countries such as Singapore, Benin, Lomé, Ghana, Cameroon, Russia, and Bangladesh. The company offers a diverse range of products including Parboiled Rice, White Rice, Vietnamese  Rice and Edible oils under rice brands like Bhojmoti, Bhoj, Moti, Hira, Tumi, Diva, and Millette and oil brands like Odaana and Omaana . Halder Group is dedicated to promoting sustainability and social responsibility while encouraging healthier lifestyles. For further information, please visit

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