Key Challenges For S Jaishankar in Modi 3.0 Govt

External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar on Tuesday outlined distinct approaches to handling relations with China and Pakistan.

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Border Stability With China, Cross-Border Terror Solution With Pakistan: Key Challenges For S Jaishankar in Modi 3.0 Govt

New Delhi: BJP leader S Jaishankar who navigated India’s diplomatic path during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term reassumed his role as External Affairs Minister once again in the new government and resumed his duties at the Ministry of External Affairs in South Block on Tuesday. Earlier on Tuesday, External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar delineated separate strategies for engaging with China and Pakistan, emphasizing that India’s foreign policy under the third term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will focus on finding solutions to “border issues” with Beijing and the “years-old cross-border terrorism” with Islamabad.

India-China Relationship: Focus with regard to China will be on finding a solution for the border issues, Says EAM S Jaishankar

The career diplomat-politician noted that both the neighbouring countries present unique challenges and India’s relations with them are different. “Our focus with regard to China will be on finding a solution for the border issues,” Jaishankar said today, signalling India’s commitment to resolving territorial disputes through dialogue and diplomatic channels.

India has often dealt with boundary disputes with its neighbor, China. Tensions escalated notably in 2020 following clashes between Indian and Chinese troops at Galwan. Fast forward to this year, India, in January this year, while reiterating its long-standing position on China, said the two countries continue to engage on the diplomatic and military sides for some sort of resolution.

India-Pakistan Relationship: Want to Find Solution to Cross-Border Terrorism, Says EAM S Jaishankar

While addressing the issue of cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan, the 69-year-old minister emphasised India’s determination to seek a resolution. “With Pakistan, we would want to find a solution to the issue of years-old cross-border terrorism,” Jaishankar said.

India has repeatedly emphasised that it will not tolerate cross-border terrorism and it cannot keep aside terrorism to improve ties with Pakistan. New Delhi has also said the onus is on Islamabad to create a conducive atmosphere in which there is no terror, hostility or violence.

Foreign policy of Modi 3.0 to be very successful

The 69-year-old minister also expressed optimism under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership on fulfilling India’s aspirations for a seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) within the next five years. Further he emphasised the multifaceted growth of India’s influence on the global stage. “It has different aspects and I am fully confident that under PM Modi’s leadership, the foreign policy of Modi 3.0 will be very successful… For us, the influence of India has been steadily growing, not just in terms of our own perception but also what the other countries think,” Jaishankar, who is a Rajya Sabha MP said ews agency ANI reported.

Highlighting India’s role as a steadfast ally to the Global South, Jaishankar underscored the country’s commitment during times of crisis and its increasing responsibilities on the international platform. “They feel that India is truly their friend and they have seen that in times of crisis, if there is one country that stands with the Global South, it is India,” the country’s foreign minister added. “They have seen that when we put forward the African Union membership during the presidency of G20, the world trusted us and our responsibilities are also increasing, so we also believe that under the leadership of PM Modi, India’s identity in the world will definitely increase,” Jaishankar said.

Jaishankar, who entered India’s Foreign Service in 1977, has served as India’s envoy in several prominent countries such as the United States (2013-15) and China (2009-13). He also served as India’s Ambassador to Czech Republic (2000-04) and Indian High Commissioner to Singapore (2007-09). In his earlier stints, he served as third secretary and second secretary at the Indian Embassy in the Soviet Union (before the disintegration of the Soviet Union). Jaishankar also worked as an undersecretary in the Ministry of External Affairs’ Americas Division.

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