RailRestro is amongst the best e-catering service providers; that cater Veg, Non-veg, Jain, and regional food on train, including Bengali dishes. You can easily order delicious Bengali cuisines during your train journey using the RailRestro Mobile application or its website.

Bengal is famous for its culinary culture all over the world. Whether it’s about the Bengali sweets or Bengali special fish, the Bengali food menu presents varieties of tastes in front of visitors and food lovers. The traditional food recipes of the state with the special blend of experiment and influence of other food cultures serve an exclusive relish that can never disappoint your taste buds.

If you visit India’s sweetest state and pass by it, you can comfortably order eminent Bengali meals while travelling to satiate your appetite from RailRestro. It serves fresh and delicious food to train passengers, apparently from the restaurant kitchen to their seats in excellent packaging.

Top Bengali Cuisines to Order in Train

Macch- Bhat

Whenever we talk about the food of Bengal, Macch Bhat comes first. It is a popular combination of fish and rice, considered an authentic and staple food of the state. Bengal offers varieties in fish recipes, including deep-fried, steamed and curry style. Ilish Macher Jhol, Bhetki Macher Patoli, Macher Dumpukht, Tangra Macher Jhol etc., are some mouthwatering fish dishes that will delight your train journey.


Sandesh or Sondesh is a popular Bengali dessert made with khoya and sugar. Amazingly! The sweet doesn’t contain much sugar but still tastes heavenly. People who generally don’t like desserts can try Sandesh. It is most obvious that they will get addicted to its delectable taste. Bengal offers varieties of Sondesh flavours such as Strawberry Sandesh, Nolen Gurer Atta Sandesh, and Korapak Ice Cream Sandesh.  


Bengali menu list can never be complete without its all-time favourite Rasgullas. We all must have tried Rasgulla at least once in our life. But Bengali Rasugulla has a different savour that melts in the mouth, taking your taste buds to the 7th sky. The state has a GI tag of its Spongy Cheena filled with sugar syrup called Banglar Rasogolla.

Luchi Alur Dom

Pooris for north Indians are Luchis for Bengal exclusively paired with Alur Dom, which tastes amazing to vegetarians and people who don’t like fish dishes. Alur Dom is a vegetable cooked on low flame, made with spices, butter and boiled potatoes, while Luchis are deep fry delicacies made with maida. Though Puri and veggies are common food items in India, Luchi and Aloo Dum would do wonders with your taste buds. 

Misti Doi

Misti Doi is served at the end of meals. It is yoghurt-based goodies that originated in Bengal, though we can get it in any region of India. But the taste of Misti Doi of Kolkata has no match. The creamy dessert presents the sweetness of the state and represents the culture and tradition of West Bengal.

Kathi Rolls

You must have tried rolls at least once. But Calcutta originated Kathi Rolls tastes epic. It gets stuffed with veggies, cheese, meat, paneer, soya, and spices. Whenever you plan to visit this city or pass by it, you must try this street originated food which got much fam with time.


Bengali Shukto is a popular vegetarian dish cooked with milk and lots of veggies like green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bitter gourd, raw papaya, green bananas, drumsticks and Brinjal. This melange of different local vegetables is one of the main course dishes of Bengal. Surprisingly, invented by Dutches tastes a little bitter but amazingly adopted by the sweetest state.

Daab Chingri

Bengali Shrimp Curry; Daab Chingri is a must-try non-vegetarian food in West Bengal. The dish is prepared with large prawns, green coconut with malai and ghee or mustard oil. This authentic Bengali cuisine is a wholesome flavoured dish made from a large treasure of East coast seafood.

Kosha Mangosh

Kosha Mangosh is a Bengali style mouthwatering mutton curry cooked on a slow flame in an earthen pot, served hot with rice tastes heavenly. It is prepared with goat or lamb meat and green veggies containing rich gravy. The regional food is a must-try Bengali edible, enough to delight your journey.

Muri Ghonto

A unique Bengali fish Biryani recipe, Muri Ghonto is torrefied with fishes’ head part, especially Rehu Fish/ Rui Mach or Katla fish. This creative delicacy is a signature Bengali side dish cooked for ages in Bong houses. It is a perfect traditional dish to eat when your tummy is filled with the main course meal, yet your tongue is twisting for some Bengali taste.

Order Bengali food in Train by following these easy steps

Ordering food in train has become easy with modern technology and artificial intelligence like RailRestro. With its app, website or call service, you can comfortably place your meal order sitting on the train and get it delivered right to your berth.

To order meals, you need to install RailRestro mobile application or visit its website and enter your PNR number mentioned in your ticket. Choose a station where you want to receive food and explore the menu list of restaurants.

Select your favourite dishes, add them to the cart and place your food order to spice up your train journey with authentic meals.

RailRestro serves the best regional cuisines along with Jain Food, Veg food and Non-Veg food on more than 450 stations. There is no better way to complement your journey than by eating and enjoying your favourite fish recipe while travelling by Indian Railways.2


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