Senior AAP Leader Breaks Vow, Refuses To Shave Head

Narendra Modi was sworn in as prime minister for a third term on Sunday.

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AAP Leader: Somnath Bharti, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader who had earlier vowed to shave his head if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister again, on Sunday refused to fulfil his vow arguing that Modi’s third term was not “solely his own but rather a result of consolidated efforts of NDA allies”.

“I stated that I would shave my head if he were elected for a third term. However, he has not won on his own, he has won the election with the support of his alliance,” he told PTI on the phone.

“I stand by my words. If he did not win on his own, it’s not his victory. So, as I said, if he has not won independently, I will not shave my head,” he said.

Somnath Bharti pledged on June 1 to shave his head if Narendra Modi remained Prime Minister after exit polls indicated that Modi would secure a third consecutive term and the BJP-led NDA was projected to win a significant majority in the 18th Lok Sabha.

“I will shave off my head if Mr Modi becomes PM for the third time. Mark my word! All exit polls will be proven wrong on 4th June and Modi ji will not become prime minister for the third time,” Bharti had said.

On Sunday, 09 June 2024, Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor in a post on X asked Bharti to shave his head immediately.

Praveen Shankar Kapoor posted on X: “We know Aam Aadmi Party leaders have no respect for their words, but this time people want Somnath Bharti to either shave his head or quit public life.”

Narendra Modi was on Sunday, 09 June 2024 sworn in as prime minister for a third term.

(With PTI inputs)

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