Srinagar Records Hottest July Day In 25 Years; Will Heatwave Continue In Kashmir?

Kashmir witnessed an exceptional heatwave on Thursday, with Srinagar’s temperature soaring up to a sweltering 35.7 degrees Celsius. This temperature was six degrees more than the usual, marking it as the hottest July experienced in the last quarter-century.

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Srinagar Records Hottest July Day In 25 Years; Will Heatwave Continue In Kashmir?

Srinagar: The southwest monsoon covered all corners of India, bringing respite to people from the scorching heat, but heatwave conditions continue in Kashmir, with the hill city of Srinagar recording a maximum temperature of 35.7 degrees Celsius. Notably, the temperature is six notches above normal, making it the highest temperature in the month of July in the last 25 years. Earlier, the highest temperature recorded in Srinagar was 37 degrees Celsius in July 1999.

Surprisingly, one of the prominent tourist cities was hotter than Delhi (31.7 degrees Celsius), Bengaluru (28 degrees Celsius) and Mumbai (32 degrees Celsius).

Talking about other parts of the valley, Qazigund recorded 32.8 degrees Celsius and Kupwara also witnessed a hot day with 35.2 degrees Celsius.
Hot Days And Water Shortage

Over the past few weeks, scorching heat and rising temperatures have been relentlessly hitting the Valley, consequentially leading to water shortages in many areas.

Health Advisory Issued

In taking steps to combat the heatwave situation, the health department has unveiled crucial guidelines. Meanwhile, to ensure the safety and comfort of students, the school education department declared a 10-day summer vacation for all schools in the Valley, beginning from July 8. The increasing heat is forcing people to stay inside for relief. However, some respite might be on the horizon – the weather forecast predicts a possibility of light and moderate rainfall or thunderstorms at various places this Friday.

Rainfall Forecast For Jammu and Kashmir

The weather forecast for Jammu and Kashmir predicts a mix of moderate and heavy rains this upcoming Friday and Saturday, with a light drizzle following up on Sunday. Sweaty, hot and moist conditions are likely to dominate Jammu from July 8 to 10, accompanied by sporadic rainfall and thunderstorms. The Meteorology authorities have released a careful note of warning about possible flash floods and landslides in the vulnerable areas, effective until Sunday. They are also urging residents to remain alert during this period. Expectations include temporary water pooling in low-lying areas and isolated thunder rumbles with accompanying flashes of lightning in certain spots.

Police Advisory Issued

Police officials have issued a caution notice, alerting to the dangerous situation caused by the increased water levels in rivers and brooks. They suggest avoiding any swimming activities in rapidly streaming waters, staying current with weather conditions, having an emergency strategy ready, and adhering to evacuation directives if the situation calls for it. Local inhabitants can dial up 100 for emergency assistance.

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