Who Will Become The Lok Sabha Speaker, Which Party Has An Advantage?

On the third day of the Lok Sabha Session, the much-awaited election of the Lok Sabha Speaker will take place today. As there is no consensus between NDA and INDIA Bloc, Om Birla and K Suresh have been fielded from the respective parties. Who will be Lok Sabha Speaker, which party has an advantage?

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Om Birla vs K Suresh
Om Birla vs K Suresh

Who Will Be The Lok Sabha Speaker: The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 wrapped up on June 1 and the Lok Sabha Elections Results were announced on June 4 where the NDA-led BJP won to form the government for the third consecutive time. Despite losing, the INDIA Bloc is standing up as a strong opposition and an example of the same can be seen ahead of the election of the Lok Sabha Speaker. As the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and INDIA Bloc did not reach a consensus, both political parties have fielded their respective candidates for the post of the Lok Sabha speaker and the voting for the same will be done today, on June 25 at 11 AM during the Lok Sabha Session. Who will become the Lok Sabha Speaker, which party has an advantage, read to know…

Election For Lok Sabha Speaker Post Today

As mentioned earlier, Om Birla from NDA and K Suresh from Congress will be standing for the election of the Lok Sabha Speaker, the decision of which will be declared today itself after voting in the Lok Sabha session. For the first time in decades, an election for the Lok Sabha Speaker’s post will take place on Wednesday due to the inability of the BJP’s ruling NDA government and the Congress-led INDIA opposition to reach to a consensus. Prior to this, the election for Lok Sabha Speaker has happened only three times in the past history; 1952, 1967 and 1976.

Om Birla Or K Suresh – Who Will Become Lok Sabha Speaker?

Traditionally, the Lok Sabha Speaker and Deputy Speaker were elected through consensus between the ruling party and the Opposition. The contest will witness the BJP’s Om Birla, a three-time MP from Kota in Rajasthan, up against the Congress’ Kodikunnil Suresh, an eight-term parliamentarian from Kerala’s Mavelikara. Suresh is the longest-serving parliamentarian in the 18th Lok Sabha.

Which Political Party Has An Advantage For Lok Sabha Speaker Post?

Speaking of the possibility of the Lok Sabha Speaker winner, going by the number of candidates in the Lok Sabha with respect to each political party, NDA candidate Om Birla is expected to become the Lok Sabha Speaker for the second consecutive time. Out of the 543 members in Lok Sabha, NDA enjoys a clear majority with 293 MPs while as compared to them, the opposition stands at 234 MPs. This indicates that when voting is conducted, it is NDA who will be able to make Om Birla win as they are more in number.

The Lok Sabha Speaker will be elected on June 26. On June 27, President Murmu is scheduled to address a joint sitting of both houses of Parliament. The development came after the NDA refused to accept the Opposition INDIA bloc’s demand that the Deputy Speaker’s position be left for the Opposition in exchange for its support to the NDA nominee.

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