‘No cause for panic’: Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, Chairman GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute

‘No cause for panic’: Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, Chairman GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute

 In a Press statement today, Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, Chairman, GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute said that people should not panic as the proportion of serious disease death is still low in India. “India is fighting against the virus valiantly and has been successful to prevent mass transmission of the disease. As we perform more tests, more silent carriers or asymptomatic carriers will come forward but we must remain calm. Compared to the 2,902 positive cases in India, the number of patients who have lost their lives to the disease is only 68. Any lost lives are a tragedy; however, we must remain positive and maintain vigilance, especially in the coming days. As India is going to enter Stage – 3, community transmission. The only prevention of Stage – 3 is lockdown or social distancing and adhering to the ICMR guidelines”, said Dr. Mukherjee.

He also added, “The basic structure of treatment that is being carried out in West Bengal includes a physician, pulmonologist and an anesthetist, including the nursing staff. Following the government approved guidelines is of utmost importance but we also have to protect those who are on the frontlines of fighting the pandemic. The nurses and the doctors who are treating the virus-infected patients need to be given appropriate protection gears. And if any healthcare professional is exposed to the patients, they need to be quarantined for 14 days.”

The Novel Coronavirus has affected the entire world, according to the World Health Organization the number of positive cases in India is 2,301. However, India’s mortality count is remarkably low. With the tireless efforts from the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals and government officials West Bengal and other Indian states have been successful to prevent mass transmission and infection of the deadly disease. In West Bengal Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee is on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. 

Currently, the entire world is researching and trying to develop a cure against the deadly virus; an Indian drug Hydroxychloroquine is used globally to develop a cure. Along with Hydroxychloroquine, Protease Inhibitors that are used for HIV infection are being used in combination therapy to fight the disease. Organizations such as ICMR and World Health Organization are working tirelessly to keep the masses informed and educated about COVID-19, spread, severity, and cure. Doctors and healthcare workers all around the world are emphasizing on the importance of precaution; social distancing and self-isolation. Even so, people must remain positive and stand together with the world against the global crisis. 

About GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute: GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute, the first of its kind in Eastern India was conceptualized with the present and future of Diabetes in mind. This hospital aims to provide comprehensive services under one roof for diabetic care including all complications of Diabetes as well as standard hospital care for associated diseases in diabetic patients. Equipped with modern technology, experienced staff, and reputed doctors, the hospital also aims to reach out to wider areas of Bengal with education to improve community care of diabetes. One section of the hospital is subsidized for the economically challenged populace, where Out-patient, as well as In-patient services, will be provided at very nominal and affordable rates.

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  1. COVID19 and Ivermectin
    High population density plus unlocking lead to community transmission, resulting in fast increase in the number of COVID19 cases in India. Good news is that, large number of infected persons would be cured of the disease without much symptoms; these asymptomatic persons would not subject themselves to any form of testing or treatment; they would roam freely in society and would infect more persons – and this would usher in HERD IMMUNITY in India.

    Patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms do not require costly indoor treatment; and such patients should be treated by doctors at the periphery; and the doctors should treat these patients based on clinical assessments of the patients – elaborate testing, to exclude COVID19, for each and every persons suffering from fever with mild-to-moderate Flu-like symptoms is a very costly proposition. There would be severe forms of chaos if we try to cater indoor treatment to all symptomatic patients presenting with mild-to-moderate Flu-like features. However, severely ill patients, aged patients with comorbidities should be admitted in well-equipped institutions.

    ICMR should allow doctors, not attached to any state-run hospital or private institution, to treat patients with mild-to-moderate Flu-like symptoms with a cocktail of drugs – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Azithromycin and Ivermectin. Doctors attached to state-run or private institutions are, I think, already instructed by ICMR about management of such patients at indoor and outdoor.

    COVID19 is a Global emergency; we do not have much time for elaborate clinical trials (multi-centric, double-blind, placebo-controlled, above all, reports should be acceptable to peer-group-reviewed international Journals) to prove or disprove efficacy of Ivermectin in treating COVID19. Doctors of many nations have published reports proving excellent efficacy of Ivermectin; no doubt, these studies have been conducted with a small number of patients; but still, we cannot discard the inferences of these reports out right, because these findings are collected by senior physicians with long experiences in clinical medicine.

    Arun Kumar Laha 09 06 2020


    Times Of India published two reports on 21st and 22th May praising Rendesivir and Favipiravir, two antivirals. Mainstream media worldwide are promoting these drugs of big pharma companies; however, most, if not all, antivirals are of questionable efficacy. No one is promoting IVERMECTIN, a cheap oral drug, prescribing which against COVID19 doctors from many nations, including Bangladesh, got EXCELLENT results. No one is interested in promoting this off patented molecule. Scientists could not fabricate vaccines against all and every pathogenic Virus; most probably, COVID19 is one of such type. Monoclonal antibody against viral proteins, however, is a good treatment plan.


    Fight against COVID19

    To fight against COVID19 India has to chalk out her own plan; we should not ape other nations. There would be serious socio-economic disaster in India if we continue total or partial lockdown. Most of the COVID19 infected patients in India are asymptomatic; and this might be due to the presence of Curcumin in our daily food. So, it is very difficult to determine patient- load in India; we can not test for COVID19 in all persons under the Sun.

    Asymptomatic persons would refuse testing and any form of treatment – they would roam freely in society; and would infect the population at large; and this will in near future usher in HERD IMMUNITY in India. Most of the symptomatic patients present with mild to moderate illness; we should treat them as OPD patients. We have to treat these patients with mild-to-moderate Flu-like symptoms as quickly as possible; so that they do not become severely ill to overwhelm the scarce indoor facilities in our country. Here is a safe outdoor treatment plan that will show quick and effective response in symptomatic patients (for adults): – Vitamin D & C and Zinc daily in usual recommended doses + Virostatic drug Ivermectin 12mg daily for 3 to 5 days + Senolytic antibiotic Azithromycin 250mg to 500mg daily for 5 days to 10 days. This treatment plan ushers in prompt response. Serious indoor patients would get these medicines + necessary supportive measures + Hydroxychloroquine (HCQS). – Arun Kumar Laha 29, Abinash Banerjee Lane. Howrah 711104. (laha.a53@gmail.com)

    Disclaimer: –

    This is not a prescription for the general public to self- medicate themselves. It is for the medical fraternity to think about my humble suggestion.

    To solve the problems of COVID 19, lockdown is not the only way out; we have to rely on development of HERD IMMUNITY by exposing people to low grade infection with COVID19 and we have to treat the symptomatic patients as fast as possible, to cut short the number of serious patients requiring indoor treatment.

    Many health- care personnel and other fighters against COVID19 are losing their lives to save humanity at large; ICMR should think about prescribing IVERMECTIN (12mg in empty stomach once in a week instead of Hydroxychloroquine) to these persons. Ivermectin is safer than Hydroxychloroquine.

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