Pranab Kr Nath – I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life

Pranab Kr Nath – I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life

An interactive session on the Artist scene with – Pranab Kr
.Throughout the past decade, we have come across and adapted to all the new
things that came to us. The internet saw its breakthrough in India in the past couple of years – reducing all the barriers of communication. Following through,
the uprising of bloggers began on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube,
Instagram, and so on. There are no limitations when it comes to content creation
and people feed on any mainstream content, and that too on a regular basis.
Among the vast network of content that we see on social media platforms,
awareness videos, comedy video, has started to make its way into the mainstream
media. Even though the market is niche, we have seen splendid progress in this

sector and as the number of videos keeps increasing; it makes more room for
awareness videos, comedy video, to feed their viewers with quality contents.
Speaking of Artist Pranab Kr Nath, India Tribune got in touch with the Artist From –
Pranab Kr Nath who is currently, on the top of the Artist list North East India. We
had a short chit-chat about Artist with Pranab Kr Nath and here’s what he had to
Do you think India has the market yet for such blogging?
‘There was no market before Youtube and Facebook others started it, they got a
head start but now, it is very much saturated. It’s full of YouTubers and bloggers
now, but this is gold. There’s a huge competition and if you are not on your game –
you’re going to lose. Because of this competition, the quality of contents is
improving day by day. I am a very competitive person and I love the competition.’
How do you think the struggle is in this sector?
‘It is very tough on Youtube. At first, just to hit 10,000 followers – the struggle was
insane. 10,000 on Facebook and 1,00 on YouTube – it was very hard to reach the
milestone because nobody knew me back then. But recently, in just four weeks, I went from 30,000 to 70,000 followers on YouTube. It’s unpredictable.
Do you think there are enough sponsorship opportunities for content
creator in India?
‘I think it is increasing eventually, I have been talking to a few sponsors and this
opportunity is growing. People are willing to pay you just to put on a small logo.

Even companies who are not in the Short Film Industry are willing to sponsor just
for their name. Even when I had 15,000 followers and 100,000 views on my
videos, sponsors reached out to me.’
How long does it take you to create a video?
‘I procrastinate a lot so, when I think of something, I just go ahead and do it. To be

honest, I started making videos with mobile. It was a part of my first comedy video
and whatever happened was an injustice for them.’
What are your future plans with youtube channel and Facebook Page?
‘I really want to keep on doing this for the rest of my life. Every week, I’m going to
dedicate my Sunday to making a video.

I want to keep doing this but in order to
keep this going, I’m also going to need a viable career so I’ll do business as well.’
What are you doing right now?
‘Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in BDP at Ignou. Besides my
studies, I teach students and I have a Video Production Hub called Pranab Kr
Nath VPH.’
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